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14 November 2010


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Clifford Kiracofe

Cantor was moved into the Republican House leadership hierarchy by Roy Blunt of Missouri.

Blunt is a Fundamentalist associated with the Southern Baptist Convention churches.

These churches with the National Association of Evangelicals endorsed the Iraq War. Their pro-Israel counterparts --AIPAC and the very influential Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations -- also endorsed the war. A joint political effort to move the country to war.

Thus the Christian Zionist alliance with the Jewish element of the pro-Israel lobby is underscored by the Cantor-Blunt axis.

I hear that Cantor has been extremely involved in fundraising for Republican candidates. Thus, for suitably pro-Israel Republicans, some folks owe him one if they reach office. We can watch this unfold in the next Congress when payback time comes.

Cantor's financial base is among the old line pro-Israel crowd in Richmond although I have met Central Virginian Republicans who like him because he is "conservative" and donate.

The new Senator from Florida, Rubio, was in Israel within a day or so of his election. We can expect a tighter networking of pro-Israel Congressmen and Senators as we head to war with Iran and confrontation with Russia and China.

Stanley Henning

Are Eric Cantor and his colleagues dual citizens? The only thing this claim reflects is the widespread sad state of ignorance that pervades our national "leadership"? in these depressing times.

William R. Cumming

What would the follow-up questions be to Cantor as to his statement?

How does he define Israeli interests that he trades off against US interests?
Financial, economic, religious, political etc.


It seems Mr Cantor is not familiar with Logan Act. I would hope it was ignorance of the law and not willful arrogance to hold that meeting. This kind of behavior is surely a sign of things to come and I am truly concerned about the direction our nation is headed.


Very interesting comments on the linked article. Here's a doozy:

"...With a party with backbone in power in the United States, at least in the House, and able to conduct its own foreign policy and to conduct partisan military ops by using Blackwater contractors..."

So much for citizens respecting the Constitution, much less elected politicians.


So what?
Nancy Pelosi met with the leader of Syria when Bush was President.
Think she was helping US policy?
As far as the Logan Act, the Democrats have a lot more violations.

Patrick Lang


1- Did she offer to keep Bush under control for him? Hey! I was not at the Cantor/Natanyahu meeting. What do I know?

2- So far as I know, there have been no prosecutions under the Logan Act. pl


No Logan Act prosecutions.
No one has clean hands.


“A Republic, if you can keep it.” Benjamin Franklin

The statement is more relevant today than any other time in our history (IMO). Cantor and his conspiratorial brethren need to remember this.

The Logan Act? More like "None Dare Call It Treason".. Sad day for all Virginians...


In a lot of countries, making the public statements Cantor made would be considered allegiance to a foreign power and prosecuted accordingly.
In a lot of countries, political figures would not consider making these public statements as they know what the - dire - consequences would be.
From outside, it seems the US is intent on jumping of the cliff and is living in a fantasy world. It is really fascinating to watch how the US is conscientiously working against it's own interest.

The other powers don't even have to do anything, just watch and wait to see the empire crash.


Found this MJ Rosenberg essay via warincontext.org. Very good stuff.

"It took a few days for Cantor to understand how utterly offensive his statement was. (He might have heard from a few Tea Party types who, say what you will about them, tend to take their patriotism seriously.)

So today Cantor explained he was misunderstood. His inconvenient truth, his gaffe, was replaced by a laughable untruth.

This is how the Washington Post's Dana Milbank reports it:

Brad Dayspring, Cantor's press guy, tells me Cantor's promise that the Republican majority would "serve as a check on the administration" was "not in relation to U.S./Israel relations."

Mmmm. So Cantor's pledge to stand with Netanyahu against Obama was "not in relation to US/Israel relations" despite the context of Cantor's statement — just before Netanyahu's meeting with Clinton — and the fact that the person he was talking to was the Prime Minister of Israel.

So, what was Cantor's pledge "in relation to"?

Was it in relation to either repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" or the Bush tax cuts for millionaires? Maybe it was about farm subsidies.

Come on, Eric. Don't make us laugh.

It is eminently clear what you said and what you meant. And this time we will take you at your word."


I take it as positive sign that somebody (other than the SST community) found this shocking. Progress comes in small baby steps, but at this point, I'll take what I can get.

Babel Boy

All Jews have this problem. If Israel is the homeland of their religion, then the religion becomes conflated with the political entity. That is the intent of the Israeli government because it also justifies allegations of "antisemitism" against anyone who criticizes Israel. The ADL and AIPAC love level such allegations.

But the more important question is: If Israel is the homeland of the Jews, is the existence of Israel more important to American Jews than the existence of America?

Cantor clearly answers this question in the affirmative and stands first with Netanyahu, Israel, and he Zionists, and only second with America and its president.

This is what happens when countries become so arrogant as to present themselves as the homeland for a whole religion. If I were a Jew I would be infinitely annoyed at any suggestion that my beautiful religion is in any way equivalent to the blood-thirsty Zionists and Israeli government.

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