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18 November 2010


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Clifford Kiracofe

Cantor's views are the same as his Christian Zionist political allies in Congress and outside Congress.

For example,

"My friend John Hagee has shown this steadfast support. In a short time he and other Christian leaders have been able to build an impressive grassroots movement in support for Israel. And I think this shows how much support for Israel resonates throughout America’s Christian community. - Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu"

What percentage of the Republican Base, and Tea Party Base, in the last election was Christian Zionist/Fundamentalist? If anyone has some recent data I would be interested.


Cantor is displaying the classic behaviour that has always irritated the Goyim - going one step too far. It will ultimately lead to the downfall of the Israeli lobby if history is anything to go by.


Not about Cantor, but much closer to Aipac. Steve Rosen and his old employers at Aipac are going after each other in court. Depositions are emerging, damaging to both. For instance:
"Rosen and Weissman learned from Franklin that Iranian forces were allegedly operating in northern Iraq and that they were plotting to kidnap Israeli operatives. They then disclosed this information to a senior Israeli diplomat, Naor Gilon, and to Washington Post reporter Glenn Kessler. The depositions reveal that after being confronted by the FBI at his home, in what he described as a “very intense exchange of words” Rosen made a phone call to AIPAC’s legal counsel, who was shaken by the news and asked Rosen to come immediately to the lobby’s headquarters.

Rosen then called Rafi Barak, at the time the deputy chief of mission at Israel’s Washington embassy. Rosen convinced Barak to cancel other appointments and meet immediately at a coffee shop. He described to the Israeli diplomat the encounter he had just had with the FBI and the allegations they made about Israelis receiving classified information. “I probably made some reference to Pollard,” Rosen recalled, and Barak, according to the deposition, “got very upset too.”"

Read more: http://www.forward.com/articles/133172/#ixzz15f72YSdm


Nancy K

I find it frightening and disturbing that Cantor's allegience is with Israel not with the US. We have some people trying to prove our president is not an American. I suppose if they discovered he was Israeli, all would be well.

frank durkee

When politics becomes a business and no longer aservice, and each elected legislator is an independent politica business person in their own service then you dance to the dollars. "The Comon Good" has no meaning and no one really aligned to it. The system isn't broken. It is what it is and it responds to the reward incentives just like any other business. The rest of us are just "suckers" so long as we don't understand this.


So which Senator is going to be brave enough to file a compliant?


Col. Lang:

Forrest Gump always overcame his stupidity with a smile, an earnest willingness to try again, and good manners. I don’t think he had a Yankee twang either. For some people life really is just a box of chocolates.

Phil Giraldi

What astonishes me is that no Republican congressman spoke up and suggested that what Cantor had done was a disqualifier for the position of majority leader. Not a single word of rebuke from anyone. Of course, no Democrat said anything either. A plague on both their houses.



Nah, Cantor will 'get away with it', as the U.S.'s Mainstream Media tows the 'Zionist' line, and Cantor's treasonous behavior will get little more than a page 6 byline. It will be up to those who Cantor is accountable to (voters of Virginia) to rescue the Republic from the grubby mitts of a 'Foreign Agent' known as Eric Cantor.


Cantor's treasonous behavior is one of an 'elected U.S Government Official' versus a 'private citizen (Hagee & crew), ergo anything that come out of Cantor's mouth is held by many (i.e. Netanyahu) on the international stage as 'part of Official U.S. Policy & Statements'.

2nd Op

Mr. Durkee describes the "system" perfectly. Many of us understand it.
We are not suckers.

But we are frustrated because we don't know how to change it.


There are many House Districts in the South where Christian Zionist / Dominionist flavored churches might deliver their flocks to the polls for agents such as Cantor.

If ever there was a literal example of Pogo's Rule...


Time to call the House Ethics Committee.

Jose, If the Republican Party believes this is the correct ethical standard to have then Cantor is going to be the House Majority Leader.


Professor Kirakofe,

I suspect there will come a time in the next 10-15 years where the price America pays to ensure Israeli regional dominance will simply become too high to pay. So high that the price can longer be concealed. If that does indeed happen, do you think Rev Hagee and his followers will go down with their ship? Or would they abandon it and claim to have been deceived?


He gets away with it because of the hyphenated americans he represents.

Patrick Lang


His district doesn't have a lot of hyphenated Americans in it. pl


He is a very clever man, squeaky clean, and the real power behind the throne of the new Speaker of the House.

Patrick Lang


He is an infamous Israel firster. pl


He had the chutzpah to get a meeting with Netanyahu one day BEFORE the Secretary of State was to meet Netanyahu..

By all means, register him and make him wear an electronic ankle bracelet.


I think taking a look at Tikun Olam's take on the Steve Rosen case is also edifying:



I'd wager a significant majority of Cantor's constituents believe the book of revelation is the literal inerrant word of God. If Cantor sees Israel as our 51st state (as do many on both sides of the aisle) I'm sure it's just fine with the people he represents.

Farmer Don

In Canada the job description is:
Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal opposition.
Loyal comes first, opposition comes next.

Roy G

It's hard to swallow, but then again, we seemed to have passed through the Looking Glass a few years back. Everything is Permitted for our ruling elites.

Clifford Kiracofe

There are a number of Christian Zionist members of Congress. Cantor got his leadership position via Blunt of Missouri, himself a Christian Zionist. Bibi knows the US scene very well and has been intimately involved with the US Christian Zionist/pro-Israel forces since at least the early 1980s.

In my book Dark Crusade (London: Tauris, 2009) I explore the Fundamentalist subculture which has been here in North America since about the 1850s imported from the UK. It is entrenched.

Some say about 10% or so of the US public falls into this category. Their ranks have grown steadily over the past century and a half, so that is the trend so far. The Scopes Monkey Trial did not slow them down, they just took a lower profile in the late 1920s and 1930s to reemerge in the post WWII era.

It is hard to predict what the American masses will do with respect to the Zionist cancer ("parasite") eating away at the body politic. Perhaps a direction more like the Dreyfus Case situation in France will well up and roil public opinion.

At the moment, however, the mass of the goyim are asleep if not effectively euthanized while the Fundamentalists are well organized and financed.

It is going to be quite interesting to see how the new Congress develops with respect to the Middle East and Israel...and the Iran War.


There's the old political joke in Washington that a gaffe is when a politician "accidentally" reveals his true position without the normal spin or sanitized language.

Cantor made a gaffe.

Patrick Lang


I would take that bet. What an arrogant and smug thing to say. Have you ever been in his district? pl

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