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19 November 2010


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William R. Cumming

And AIPAC is exempt from federal income tax?


AIPAC is above the law.
You're gonna need silver bullets and wooden stakes to get rid of them.


Don't they get all the benefits and we get none?


So what is FBI Counterintelligence doing these days? Back to tailgating UN Diplomats?


Hopefully he won't have an car accidents until after he delivers his evidence.

By the way, how's Mr. Nozette doing?


Hell hath no fury like a Zionist spy scorned! This is an absolutely fascinating development. Clearly there is much going on in the woodwork, reflecting some serious schisms within the Lobby. Rosen was the head of AIPAC's political operations for a very long time, and he is clearly correct that his activities were fully sanctioned. The idea that AIPAC is going after him for watching porn on his office computer is hilarious! I'm going to dig out my old copy of Portnoy's Complaint. Seriously, though, it really seems to me that this case bears close attention, and careful scrutiny of the documents in the Court file.

Patrick Lang


The FBI knows that a successful prosecution of these spies and traitors will not be allowed by the politicians from both parties who have been leased by AIPAC. pl


I thought I read that when Rosen ran to his Embassy contact instead of following AIPAC's directions to call their lawyer, he said he was facing a Jonathon Pollard-type situation. By Rosen's actions, the embassy was able to roll up their operation and I believe that Naor Gilon fled the country. He's back now, of course, at the Embassy again. And we're about to let Pollard go, maybe.

Were Feith and Wolfowitz running Franklin? Is that why they both left the Pentagon in 2005?

What are the odds that they pay off Rosen before his next document dump?


I enjoy the spectacle of them hurting each other but have a hard time laughing. What gives? How can a small minority control not only both houses and the Presidency but the Justice Department as well... to such an extent that spies can openly claim to breaking the law secure that nothing will happen?

Obama gave the keys of American foreign policy to Tel Aviv, both Houses insist on sending more arms and vast amounts of (borrowed) cash to the already strongest military in the area and now the Justice Department gives a whole new meaning to being blind.

And the media is ...

I never suspected it could come to this.

William R. Cumming

With everything else going on in the world, include a "domestic" disaster of the first order in Haiti 700 miles off the US Coast, the Obama Administration has found time to issue its longest Executive Order yet which appears in Monday's Federal Register. Topic--Assistance to Faith Based Organizations! I have not yet examined its application to AIPAC!th


Nation = universal application of laws.

No universal application = no nation. Kleptocracy.


"Military and aviation experts said China's drones are still probably several years behind U.S. and Israeli models, noting that many countries have tried and failed to develop their own UAVs. But they also said that China is catching up fast in other areas of civil and military aviation technology, thanks in large part to technology transferred by foreign aerospace companies in Chinese joint ventures.

They suggested, too, that China had been helped by Israel, which sold China antiradar drones in the 1990s—to the fury of the Pentagon, which has since blocked the Israelis from providing upgrades."




They couldn't get Al Capone except for tax evasion. I wonder How Mr.Rosen recored every 'gift' and 'severence package' on his 1040.



One has to wonder what Mossad is up to regarding Rosen's disclosure/cooperation with the FBI activities?

Will Mossad use one of their hit teams to erase Rosen before he can disclose anymore of their ongoing AIPAC (Mossad handled) espionage-against-the-U.S. ops?

Who in the Mossad has been designated as AIPAC's 'handlers', one has to wonder.

Kidon teams now on the prowl for Rosen and any in AIPAC who dare spill their beans?

Larry Kart

"Is this not espionage in the meaning of the law?" pl

You've got the background, Colonel -- you tell me/us. In particular, I would guess that there's a great disparity between the total number/kinds of foreign agents/assets in the U.S. in recent years who have committed espionage by the letter of the law versus the total number/kinds of foreign agents/assets who did that and were prosecuted or otherwise openly thwarted. In part -- again, I would guess -- that has to do with who their masters are in the "clout" sense, but mostly I would think it has to do with the nature of the "game," where openness of any sort usually is not thought to be a good move. Again, just guesses, perhaps influenced by reading too much spy fiction.

Patrick Lang


AIPAC is not run by Mossad. pl

John Minnerath

AIPAC casts a fearsome black cloud over our future.
A good many people recognize the danger, yet no one seems to be able to limit its power and influence.
Who is left to lead us away from this, is there any hope left?


A short commentary:
Modern Israel is saturated with the former Soviets. And these rootless newcomers are not the flower of European culture of the 30-s that the US Jewry for some unexplainable reason still imagines about Avigdor Lieberman and likes. It is the US luck that the bosses of the Russian Federation are thoroughly corrupt and care about there (Western) bancs accounts more than about the nation. Otherwise – God save America from the former Soviets spies working in cohort with the Israeli-firsters in the US.


I think Mr. Rosen and his family had better have a full time security detail. So should the king pins in AIPAC who dealt with him.

This story has the ability to get out of hand very fast because Rosens revelations constitute an existential threat to AIPAC and thus Israel.

I'm not sure buying him off will work since he would still be within reach of the FBI.


To put it another way, what is Israel without AIPAC? A far off country of which we know nothing.


If there is any comedy in all of this, it's that AIPAC's lawyer appeared to be an Irish fellow.


"The FBI knows that a successful prosecution of these spies and traitors will not be allowed by the politicians from both parties who have been leased by AIPAC. pl"

So Colonel, what is the remedy? Isn't this going on for too long???


Did anyone catch the full op-ed by Pollard's father calling for his release?


Tell me the Washington Post doesn't have an agenda if they're going to run something like this that doesn't seem to have been fact-checked in the slightest.



Not 'directly', but they have 'affiliations', thus 'handlers',no?



AIPAC is nothing more than a smoke-screened extension of GOI's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to which Mossad has inter-active 'affiliations'. And since Mossad IS the Israeli Embassy/Consulate/Trade Shop's 'security', ergo GOI's MFA and its linkages fall under 'at the least' Mossad's 'security umbrella', which is only a thin membrane away from their Mossad 'espionage' shops.

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