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01 October 2010


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"U.S. counter-terrorism agents still hamstrung by data-sharing failures "

" http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-na-terrorism-data-20101005,0,4442782.story "

As one NYPD cop said remarking about the department getting ready for a guerilla style attack.

"10 heavily armed men is too much for 150 cops (normal daily shift patrol division in Manhattan) to handle. A 1/4 of the cops would be shot by friendly fire. Then due to reflex and undisciplined trigger control the rest would be out of ammo in the first 60 seconds. How many do you see every cycle that barely pass from SEVEN!!!!! Yards away!!! How many guys do you know turn out with Just a newspaper and break the balls of the guys who carry a backup. We need to train the platoon in heavy arms, or at least shotguns. And train in more scenarios like the ones the papers are terrifying everyone about. But nooooo out pct needs 6 new f- ing cops for a summons detail and 5 community affairs scammers. I am terrified for the public and for us of what is down the road".

You would be surprised how many heavily arms cops there are on patrol in NYC on a daily basis. By the time ESU got to the scene it would be a massacre.

When are we going to stop kidding ourselves and fix the root cause of the problem and stop the protection by fear crap?


I do not know what scares me more? Us or them...


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