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14 October 2010


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If it came down to it, I think that Clapper could do just fine as a bare-knuckles brawler. And the Langley boyz club would see their noses bloodied before they knew what hit them. Clapper is 'intelligent', those stars on his shoulder prove that point. Langley better watch their six, or better yet I 'hope' that Langley acts like an ostrich and Clapper makes ostrich soup out of them.


"All of the above would be something out of a Shakespearean play in which two people exchange their identities or have their girlfriends get somehow mixed up, resulting in comedic exchanges and a great deal of confusion, but for the fact that war is such a serious business."

More like Gilbert and Sullivan but without the music...or the humor.


Big deal Iran might one day have nukes....

Well then let's stop playing games and hammer everyone in the ME who has or wants them including Israel....


Col. Lang,

In your opinion, would the U.S. Air Force and Navy be relatively eager to use their equipment on Iran? Hasn't the Army born the brunt of Iraq and Afghanistan?

Patrick Lang


I think so and so would the Australian air force. pl

Patrick Lang


That reminds me of the neighbor who adminished me that I should trust the city government here. pl

Norbert N, Salamon

It appears that some powers to be are anxcious to get Rep Ron Paul to be a candidate for Presidency on Ron Paul's condition:

R Whitman

$75 billion a year for intelligence and all we get is this mealy mouthed crap. Fire them all and hire a good fiction writer.(do you want the job, pl).



It's a case of betwixt and between isn't it? Panetta and his boyz will have their long knives out, thing is do you think Clapper will have a thick enough hide to break their points when they try to draw blood?



DNI Clapper has disbanded the Intel Science Board as part of his reorganization. Also he's forming umbrella advisory groups.

Here are some of his speeches this month:


I guess I was surprised by your comment on the Australian air force, although it makes sense.

Would the US (or is the US) actually considering another 'coalition of the willing', this time for Iran?

William R. Cumming

Okay surmise, and guessitmate. Just looking at history and geography. If Iran not fully nuclear capable by 2030 the US will look to help Iran go nuclear to prevent Iran from becoming part of what looks more and more like a strategic quest by China to incorporate Iran into its 21st Century Condominium arrangements. That is my guess as to why China has been so helpful on NUKES to Pakistand. It wants deep deep penetration of Pakistan's holy of holies.

Norbert N, Salamon

Another take on the uselessness of Iran Sanctions:


Remarks by Nobuo Tanaka, executive director IEA

Norbert N, Salamon

An interview with Mr. Giraldi


Patrick Lang


walrus is Australian. the "birdmen" all want to bomb things. pl

Cold War Zoomie

"...whether or not he is still just a process person."

Retired Air Force. Stint at Booz Allen (do they ever actually build anything or is it always just reams of "proof-of-concept" paper?).

That means he's a process person deep down inside.


It is amazing how the Obama administration is considering 'pulling' aid to Lebanon all because they had the Iranian President for a visit.

The conquering Persian hero in Lebanon, who makes Israels' wacko nutcase Netanyahu look really sick by comparison:

Throngs of Lebanese took to their streets to greet Iran's President as his 35 car procession moved slowly through Beirut.

Don't you know that Obama is jealous, particularly since he has sunk to the bottom in U.S. polls.

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