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02 October 2010


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ex-PFC Chuck
Jon Stewart (noble scion of the house of Scottish kings)

I realize it's very likely that you're being ironic here, but in case you or some of your readers are not aware of it Jon Stewart of The Daily Show was born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz.



Sanchez was both the dumbest man on television and owed his success to that very stupidity. One of my favorite clips is this one "9 meters in English means what?"



Hmm - I don't know Sanchez - never saw him on TV. But I wonder. Isn't this another case where the people who don't run the media fire somebody for claiming that they do?


Just another victim of the Jewish counter-pogrom. Can no one even mention the Jews without being fired? Really.

Sanchez, Thomas and Nasr, all fired for stupid, uninformed remarks. 2/3 from CNN, hmmmm. And these guys get paid to help us decipher world events. Of course, maybe it is a Jewish conspiracy because Sanchez didn't get fired for not being able to identify Hawaii on a map, or for thinking that volcanoes are only active in hot climates.....I do think he was right about the global warming. He says the science is settled.


Col. Lang:


Patrick Lang

ex-PFC Chuck

Ah! That explains why he never wears the Stuart tartan. And all this time I thought that he belonged to the Polish branch of the family! pl


Speaking of tartan's, I proudly present mine (once again):

AND my crest:



Amen. Both Colbert and Stewart are probably the smartest two "news" men on the air.

Particularly Colbert. He can demolish a guest like no one I have seen. He may be "just" a comedian, but the fact is that appropriate comment on all-too-many current events requires withering satire.


Since Sanchez is a fluent Spanish speaker, maybe he can obtain a job at the Spanish language media giant Univision?
Cancel that thought, Univision is owned by Haim Saban.

On a more serious note, Sanchez has a point about Jewish liberals like John Stewart. Jews are now part of the elite, the ruling class. While David Halberstam excoriated our former WASP elite in his book "The Best and Brightest", any discussion of the new Jewish elite is proscribed.

This new elite brought us Iraq and credit default swaps, but any discussion of this will not be aired in the MSM.


Sanchez is so dumb he'd probably post his comment on the wrong thread.


How the Israeli Government controls both U.S. Policy and U.S. Media

ex-PFC Chuck
And all this time I thought that he belonged to the Polish branch of the family! pl



While Bigotry gets you fired on CNN, it gets you PROMOTED in Israel:

Secret jail torturer becomes Police Chief in Israel

Byron Raum


Jon Stewart and his "type" did not bring us the Iraq, credit default swaps and the like. Yes, he's Jewish. Yes, he's famous. And yes, he's powerful. But he's one of the centrist moderates. Furthermore, there are probably more Jewish moderates than there are Jewish hardliners.

In general, the bell curve holds for human beings for pretty much all characteristics. (Not the book, which had a flawed understanding, but the phenonmenon itself, which dictates a standard distribution.) The same proportion of good and bad people exists in any population. It is true that there are Jewish elites, but that's just part of the distribution. There are also Christian elites and Muslim elites, for example, as Jon Stewart has so often discussed, Fox is 7% owned by a Muslim.




The liberals brought us Iraq? That's a new spin on Cheney and W. No wonder those 'liberals' aren't voting for the democrats.

It certainly wasn't Sanchez's investigative skills on stories like this that got attention from the likes of John Stewart:


These are the kind of subject reporters like Sanchez don't cover. I suspect the victim will soon be somewhere on a Murdoch network.


The liberals brought us Iraq?

Well, my 2 Dem Senators voted for the war, Biden and Carper. So did Hillary, Diane Feinstein, and Joe Lieberman.

If Obama was not sequestered in Springfield, IL and felt some pressure from certain forces, he too may have voted for the authorization of war?

Halberstam's tribe has become the elite, they are now the Best and Brightest. How has that been working for us?


Someone up above says "so, since Sanchez is a fluent Spanish speaker." No, he isn't. I once watched him wield his spanish on air, in classic bull and china shop fashion, leaving the person he was talking to (an actual speaker of spanish, rather than a "truth" speaker of spanish) all at sea.


I could be wrong, but I suspect CNN had already given him notice before he made the nasty crack about management. Not a career move, as they say. On the other hand, maybe he really is that dumb. If so, he's a good example of the Dunning-Kruger Effect (overly-confident dimwits)


I'm sorry to see Sanchez go.
Not that I EVER watch CNN, but it seemed that CNN and Sanchez deserved each other.

R Whitman

Perspective please:

Sanchez, Stuart and Colbert are entertainers, not news people. They are just another form of pop stars like you see on MTV.

Russ Wagenfeld

Hi Pat,
Sanchez's unintended role as a comic is being under appreciated here.
Also, I would disagree with R Whitman. Stuart and Colbert are entertainers, and news people. Many young adults only get there news from them - better than CNN in my view.


Thank you R. Whitman. When the soap revenue decreases so does the entertainer's air time.
Blitzer moves the soap, Sachez not so much.


I guess the purpose of the Rick Sanchez treatment is to make a statement...nothing to see here folks please just keep on moving.

in plain sight.


Amazing I thought, and somewhat disturbing, that Sunday Howard Kurtz (CNN's Reliable Sources) had a segment on the Sanchez firing with guests who were former colleagues of Sanchez. The segment was devoted to running Sanchez down, including showing footage of some of his gaffes and howlers. I say this was amazing because this was on the network where up to a mere 48 hours previously Sanchez had two shows per day. It didn't help that Kurtz is also a Jew, if CNN was trying to show that the people in charge are not the people in charge when they kick you out for saying they are the people in charge. Kurtz concluded dismissively, "He's radioactive now." Yep, he made sure of that.


From an interested bystander:

IMO the best quality of the Daily Show and the Colbert Report is that they flag bullshit, and don't engage for the sort of hysterical partisanship you find on MSNBC or FOX. Certainly Colbert is hysterically partisan, but as a satirist.

On the other hand, some of the stuff Rachel Maddow does, while presented in an undeniably partisan way, is decent reporting. Olbermann on the other hand ...

FOX at times does some good reporting, usually when they are not being partisan, and has some decent people, like Shepard Smith, but the mighty drumbeat of their general highly partisan infotainment drowns that out, one only needs to think of Glenn Beck ... yikes.

In contrast, Sanchez is just a clown without redeeming qualities for his job. Good riddance. But I have trust that CNN domestically will remain atrocious even without his able help.

To see what I mean I strongly recommend to contrast a report on a given issue on CNN international and CNN domestic. Night and day. I specifically recall an interview with an Afghan woman MP critical of the US on CNN international and then on US domestic.

The CNN international interview was all in all unremarkable, whereas she was savaged by the host on CNN domestic. How dare she be critical! Ingrate!

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