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26 October 2010


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Helpful post. So here goes from far left field. US withdraws except for economic assistance. Put Pakistan in the role of responsibility for control of its own territory and Afghanistan's border controls. There apparently is some evidence that US after 9/11 issued the threat to Pakistan you are either with US or against US. Whatever the merits of this choice, perhaps it could be restated to Pakistan and indicate that unless Pakistan controls its own population and border areas with Afghanistan then sanctions or whatever will follow from US.
Of course the problem I have with this is that the it appears to me that Nation's that cannot control their own territory and allow usage by non-state actors really reveal their inability to operate as Nation-states and the many consequences that follow require some hard choices. So perhaps the existence of Nuclear weapons not good governance is the ultimate basis for the claim to nation-state status for Pakistan. If that is the case then the nuclear surety and safeguards should be under some kind of International Inspection regime which I understand it is not now. Personally I think the dynamics of S.Asia are about to change drastically in the next two decades. The only question is the ability of persons in that area to mount international threats.
Does this make any sense?

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