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18 October 2010


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If Korb supposedly "knew" that it was just a case of Weinberger's "visceral dislike" why exactly would he have waited 25 years after the sentencing (and 4 1/2 after CW's death) before saying something??


C posted the below link on the FB Ali posting but it's probably better that it be here:


"THE MEDIAN sentence for the offense Jonathan committed is two to four years. Jonathan is now in his 25th year of a life sentence with no end in sight."

"Having served 25 years in the harshest conditions the American penal system has to offer, Jonathan is ill, his immune system depleted and his very survival is at stake."

I read a blog posting by another inmate in the same prison as Pollard. Conditions in this prison would be considered heavenly by most of our homeless population. 3 squares a day, TV, recreation, the ability to shop in a PX, the ability to cook some meals in your own cell, able to fraternize with other inmates (B. Maddoff is in the same place along with some other notable white collar criminals). These guys don't screw up on the rules there, it's one of the more preferable Federal prisons to be in and if one does screw up - it's off to a place that really is harsh.

Poor little Jonathon, my heart bleeds.


This one is just plain sickening:

With an attitude like what this 'rabbi' espouses, Israel will forever be in the shit pile. And to think he was once one of Israel's 'chief rabbis'.


Pollard should have been executed for his cold blooded and mercenary betrayal of what was once his country.

Hear Hear !!

i would volunteer for that firing squad in a heartbeat.


We'll get a 'pause' of the same length doing nothing, the 'settlers' are building houses so fast they'll have to stop just to get more material shipped in.


"Pollard is not different from any other one of our soldiers," said Uri Ariel, a right-wing legislator who leads the parliamentary group lobbying for Pollard's release. "We don't neglect soldiers anywhere, not in this field either."


Are we at war then?

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