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31 October 2010


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William R. Cumming

Again religious zealotry should be opposed by any nation-state and those natio-states allowing themselves to be coopted by the Zealots will not survive for very long.
Watch carefully as the world's largest democracy--India--and the world's largest authoritarian government--China--handle their domestic religious fanatics.


According to the Ma'an News Agency (Jordanian), the fire was accidential- likely caused by candles.



so I guess I must not have read the Times and the Post carefully enough. I missed this story. NOT. I think.

Lee B

Oh boy, now we can have a Jewish-Christian war to go with the Jewish-Palestinian one. Ain't religious tolerance grand?

patrick Lang


Perhaps you missed thaefact that there are many Palestinian Christians? pl


Lets see... 1995, 1984, 1982, 1980, 1978, 1977, 1948...

Its not the first time nor the last....


Yes there are Col. Lang, yes there are; although most have moved elsewhere.



One difference is that, when PRC cracks down on religious fanatics, it's human rights violation and, well, nobody knows about what's going on in India...


In the language of our times, I misdoubt this story.


Perhaps I mispake when i said misdoubt.


It's not the only church.



I think there is a co-relation between the burning of the church in Jerusalem and the attack on the church in Iraq.

Churches in the Arab world have been standing tall and free for centuries, why now!

Yesterday, in Turkey another blast that caused severe injuries to hundreds, right after Turkey classified Israel as a strategic threat. Reminds me of the attack on a Turkish military base right before the Israeli commandos attacked activists on the flotilla the (Mavi Marmara).

The parcel with a bomb that left Yemen and made landings in several European countries before heading to the United States, was declared by British PM a threat to all western countries, Arab countries are responsible and should do more, was his recommendations.

Some incidents are insulting to human intelligence.

These are observations, any comment?

William R. Cumming

Thanks Kao_hsien_chih!

Now wondering if the Helsinki accords and Declaration of Human Rights addressed religion at all?

Charles I

Guess they were done with the olive groves

Rita Sanford

Why is there no mention in United States corporate media of the church burning in Israel? Lots of info is out there about the hostages and police killed in the church in Iraq. Could there possibly be a double standard?


Rita Sanford,

Israel and its citizenry commit horrendous barbaric acts, and gets a free pass. Surely they are the 'chosen' ones. They are going to be 'chosen' when the Heaven's court goes into session.


Rita Sanford,
what always strikes me is that such violence against fellow Christians is being tolerated or ignored in the US - despite a lot of US Christians being so fond of calling the US a 'Christian Nation'. Likewise, there is little mention of one of the great tragedies of our day, the unprecedented exodus of Middle eastern Christians from the Middle east, in particular from Iraq - courtesy of the events the US neo-Jacobins kicked off by invading Iraq. So now they are being drawn into the grinder in Israel as well?

For a lot of the people it is off the radar because there is little reporting on it. They are just not aware. And then, I have that thesis that for a number of American conservative Christians Armageddon is just too important to concern themselves over trifles like that.

Other conservative Christians may be inclined to believe that the church burned, but that the reporting must clearly be biased to blame Israelis. They will dispute that the culprits were Israeli right wingers. I made that experience repeatedly.

IMO that bias litmus test that the US right has introduced in the US - this assertion that there are two sides of every story - has caused damage well beyond the immediate political gains intended with it - the worst consequence is that it creates subjective realities. Facts become subjective, subverting reality based dialogue. One cannot possibly find a basis for rational debate when even the facts are in dispute. What decides the outcome of a debate is the sympathy with the source - unbiased ultimately means 'from a sympathetic messenger of my tribe'. That is how a highly partisan travesty like FOX News with their talking heads Hannity, O'Reilly, Beck or Hume can thrive.

As for the reporting, IMO loyalties and for other pre-emptive obedience to the dictates of the lobby plays a role. Some are afraid of punishment, and then - how often does one need to see a story spiked before dropping the subject? Other reporters, especially on US tv, are apparently just too concerned with their hairdo to have time for it.

That said, I didn't find the incident reported in German media either.


I was not aware of this. Good for Caterpillar. From Gush Shalom's ad this week. The first line:

“Caterpillar” has suspended
The supply of D-9 bulldozers
To the IDF.

The Dutch police have raided
The offices of a company
That builds in the settlements.

The British Foreign Minister
Has met with
The Bil’in and Sheikh-Jarrah

The message is clear.
When shall we
Understand it?

Help to pay for our activities and ads
By sending checks to
Gush Shalom,
P.O.Box 3322, Tel-Aviv 61033,

Christopher Hinn

Sad to see that violence had not stopped.

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