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18 October 2010


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Perhaps we should ask that question of the multitude of contractors...


Yeah, Iran assisted the Shia in conquering Baghdad and brokered the peace pact between the Shia militias and the Shia dominated national government.

Meanwhile, the success of the Petraeus surge? A myth disseminated though the American mass media.

ex-PFC Chuck

As I recall I've commented here before, the strategic winner of the war in Iraq was for all practical purposes decided the day the coalition forces went over the berm from Kuwait: It is Iran.


I have to wonder what the Neocons and Israel government thinks now.


Iran's role seems very much exaggerated Pat.

Give this a read:

Iran Has Less Power in Iraq Than We Think



Sim, that is propaganda



It does not matter what Hanna thinks. The fact is Iran has a foot in the door and that can only lead to a wider opening...

The question the Colonel raises is very valid. What did we win in Iraq?


"I have to wonder what the Neocons and Israel government thinks now."

That's easy. "Let's attack Iran!"

Losing gamblers always want to double down.


"Once again, what did we win in Iraq?"

Enduring strategic advantage for Iran, it seems. 4,287 of our best dead, 30,182 of them wounded, many greviously--and for this?

Brave men and women--led by jackasses.


i believe DC was conscious of the fact that after ousting SH, replacing him with another Sunni strongman was not possible and that inevitably, whatever emerged from Baghdad would be Shia in its orientation...


The standard seems to be that if we weren't driven to evacuate the roof of the Embassy in helicopters, we won.
Which could still actually happen, I suppose-can one lose a war one has already "won"?

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