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15 October 2010


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But notice how the Bureau appears 'not' going after the ones who are doing the real damage, namely Israel's espionage agents and their agents of influence burrowed within the Congress and within Congressional staffs. How much U.S. Classified are elected Congress persons and theirs and Congressional Committees' staffers passing on to Israeli Mossad assigned to their D.C. Embassy and those Mossad NOCs working out of/within Corporations who have Defense and Intelligence related Government Contracts?


I love the "Country X." part. We do not have the guts to call a Israeli spade a Israeli spade... Looks to be that even the Israeli's smelled a rat here...Got to love dangles...

Looks like FBI CI is chasing ghosts again. Wonder what the real spooks are doing these days?


I applaud the FBI's even handedness. It has been alleged that similar strategies have been applied to Muslim Americans.

The difference between entrapment and legitimate police tactics is a closed book to me.

Adam L Silverman

Sir: Walrus beat me to it. I was just about to type that the way this was done seems eerily reminiscent of how the FBI and DOJ have handled a number of the Muslim extremist cell cases, notably the guys in Miami (the ones who couldn't find Sears let alone Sears Tower, which was there supposed target), that father and son in Ojai, CA, and several others. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

Patrick Lang


The FBI has become very skilled at this and to my certain knowledge they have applied these skills equally. Some of the people they have mousetrapped this way are very dangerous. pl

Patrick Lang


The FBI is chasing real demons of all stripes. This creep and Nozette are small change. pl

Patrick Lang


How about a sting against someone who believed he had committed mass murder before they arrested him? Anything like that in Melbourne? pl


Colonel Lang...

"The FBI is chasing real demons of all stripes. This creep and Nozette are small change."

One can only hope that the FBI CI has improved over the past few years. I have rarely held the CI capability of the FBI in high esteem for the past 20 years. That goes for the CT capabilities as well. Though I understand that DoJ controls the drum beat and if junior secret squirrels are the headlines for the FBI then they need a hell of a lot of help...

Both CI and CT sections have had there share of disasters. Hanssen for one who did as much damage as Pollard and I would have loved to see the damage assessment on Hassen and the CT Unit has not had much luck getting the real heavy hitters either. The Time Square clown was just that a clown. Of course the latest from the FBI was that they exploded a devise that was of the time square design and they claimed it caused tremendous damage.

As an retired explosive specialist all I can say to that is if my grandmother had wheels she'd be a wagon....

But like I said there is always hope...


Mr. Silverman... The FBI's conviction ratio on CT is lousy when it comes to high value terrorist targets.

Adam L Silverman

Sir: no doubt. I know several of the JTTF folks, as well as the DOJ ones. What I find interesting is that at the same time they're doing really good work we don't hear much of, we seem to get a lot of publicity around seemingly bizarre cases like the group down in Miami. It's almost like institutional multiple personality disorder.


An interesting variation to the 'false flag' gambit. The stingee in this case volunteered to serve a foreign government and the Bureau followed up. No taint of entrapment here, folks. Just move along.

18 months of 'handling' may seem like a long time but the FBI is very careful to satisfy the US attorney who demands an absolute slam dunk before moving forward.

Cold War Zoomie

"The contracts that Doxer provided were generally marked as confidential."

Marked by whom? DoD or Akamai? "Confidential" is at polar opposites between the US Government and private sector.

Ken Roberts

Sort of related, and been wanting to ask about, so maybe this is a good time...

There is significant Russian (ex-FSU) population in Israel and there have been instances of Western (US) info being passed thru Israel. Is this not a concern? Not a concern in the sense of oops, it's happened again, but a concern in terms of how to be sure there is not an infiltration? If I were doing Russian intel, I would surely have wanted to plant some people in Israel via emmigration.

How clean is the situation in Israel, bureaucracy and political parties? How can we be sure? Is there a vetting process that we can rely upon?


Col. Lang:

"How about a sting against someone who believed he had committed mass murder before they arrested him? Anything like that in Melbourne? pl "

A timely reference to the golden rule...

By coincidence, we are in the middle of a trial of Five Muslims who allegedly were conspiring to attack an Army base here.


The accused are portrayed by their defence lawyers as seeming to not have enough brains between them to catch a cold, and that the pivotal person in taking the plot forward was in fact the police informant, but then defence lawyers would say this, wouldn't they? Five others already jailed used the same defence.

The problem with terrorism investigations and prosecutions in Australia is that the cases of at least Two of them; Jack Thomas and David hicks, have elicited national sympathy because of their alleged treatment in American detention. Furthermore, the case of one Doctor Haneef was a bungled thinly veiled political election ploy that is most probably going to end in millions in compensation for said Doctor.

The "trouble", if you want to put it that way, is that Australians generally root for the underdog, and muslims seem to be always getting the short end of the stick. Aside from the Bali bombings that killed 88 Australians, there is precious little public evidence that terrorism is a real threat to anyone here, but it was quite obvious that the previous Howard Administration (Bush's "Man of steel") and the Israeli lobby here would dearly have liked said evidence, preferably in the form of blood in the streets, for purely political reasons.

Don't tag me with the leftist "why do we always follow the yankees around?" line. We both know we have a great deal of common interests. What is sometimes difficult for us former convicts to understand is why we should be on the side of the big battalions against what appears to be the little guy.


Mr. Silverman.. I am sure there are some very good folk in the FBI doing their jobs. I have always said that the FBI is the premiere law enforcement agency in the world. With exception to CI and CT...

The last heavy hitter the FBI roped was Khalid Duhham Al-Jawary. I know the FBI Agent who dogged Al-Jawary. I also know the hell he went through with the Bureau including his "Mulder X Files" type office in the bowels of the NYC Federal Building. Its FBI Agent's like Mike Finnegan who dogged Al-Jawary ( who we deported to Sudan a few years ago...go figure) even though Finnegan was mocked by his peers and given the assignment to fail. He did not...

I am not impressed with the "Bureau" as the lead agency for CT in the country. I am impressed with some of its agents who defy gravity and bureau politics to get the job done.

The same applies to CI... Both units need to be under their own banners...


Is CI (and CT) police work?
The FBI is a "police" agency.
Can the same people/agency investigate Medicaid fraud (for prosecution) and conduct CI (which may never be prosecuted)?
The Brits and Canadians think it is different.
Both have separated police from CI.

Patrick Lang


Yes, I think you are right. IMO it would be better to have a separate agency like the British "Security Service." (MI-5) pl

Roy G

Kudos for netting this small fish - he must have been within the 'slot limit'.

I remain unconvinced about the FBI's last big case, the neatly packaged, 'Dr. Bruce Ivins as the lone Anthrax killer.'

Patrick Lang


That's not really fair. As I said, they have netted some very dangerous people pl


"U.S. Had Warnings on Plotter of Mumbai Attack"


I do not know what truth or fiction is regarding this article. I am always suspect of the press and the way it reports on these matters.

But if there is any truth to this and the FBI fumbled then like I said CT and CI need to become their own agency. That does NOT mean joining CI to that stupid office of National Counterintelligence Executive either... We need to deep six that waste of taxpayers money.

Roy G

Ok, point taken, Col. I do maintain my veiled comment about the 'slot limit,' whereby some fish are judged too big to be kept. I guess the lesson is, one shouldn't blame the fishermen for the harbor master's rules.


If the FBI lost a lot of the institutional arrogance that seems to make up its dealings with other LE organizations, I think that would be a good first step.

BTW, any truth to the rumors I hear that the FBI has some ridiculously high (50%+) percentage of Mormon agents?



The above details another attempt to have Pollard freed, Aldrich Ames is to be blamed.


#Dr. Silverman, I think it is Lodi, California, not Ojai, California.


"Eitan, who was Pollard’s handler, revealed on Thursday after press time that the US had violated an oral agreement with Israel to release Pollard after 10 years."

Oral agreement with Israel? WTF Over?

"In addition to Korb, former CIA director James Woolsey and former head of the Senate Intelligence Committee Dennis DeConcini, as well as a cross-section of other notable Americans, and the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations have all recently called for Pollard’s release"

Really? Let them call for an open congressional investigation of the USS Liberty and the attempted shoot down of one of our SR-71s in 1973.... But of course that is not in the picture..

Korb.... "Weinberger’s “visceral dislike” of Israel,"....

Really? It had nothing to do with the 40 page classified assessment of the damage that Pollard did eh?

Lets see under 18 U.S.C. § 2381 Pollard could have gotten the death penalty...So life in prison is much better than getting "lead poison"....

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