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08 October 2010


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John Waring

A seriously disaffected population. A seriously disaffected ally. A seriously dis-functioning central government. A supply line that, if not for the bribes, could be cut to pieces at any time, and is being torched right in front of our eyes. How much fuel did we lose, one week's worth, or one month's worth? At what cost? An Afghan economy that can never afford the national army and police forces we are trying to stand up.

Tell me again, St. Dave, what are we doing there? Nation building in a place we have little legitimacy, when at home we suffer from 18% real unemployment? How much sense does this make? If this is grand strategy, I want a whole lot less of it.


Murdoch press today says we are "winning " in Southern Afghanistan.



Sidney O. Smith III

Islam is all about faith. Where confidence ends, faith begins.

Confidence is centered in the ego but what happens when the ego is shattered due to surrounding circumstances? What happens to confidence in COIN when its tenets are annihilated?


In the 19th century, an engineer would stay under a newly-built bridge during its first trial by a heavy train. Now a simple question: When will the designers and influential promoters of the obviously flawed foreign policies are brought to justice? The enormous wealth (communal) has been squandered and as a result the overall global insecurity increased.
Two words come to mind: treason and cowardice.


The author of that article walrus:


Part of the establishment.

Cesar Arroyo

Done 9 years ago, 100k troops and COIN might have had some effect for the good...done 9 years into a conflict that has been half assed from the get go, COIN has no chance of working. The kids that were 10 when we rolled through pushing the Taliban and Al Qaeda into Pakistan are now 19-20 year olds...they grew up seeing how much we "cared" about their country this decade...

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