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02 September 2010


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Medicine Man

Somewhat related: Have you had a chance to read Andrew Bacevich's column on TNR about the withdrawal from Iraq, Col. Lang?



I wonder how comfortable are the families of Bush and Blaire in the face of the innumerable victims of the cynical politicking? Their wealth is made of children’s body parts and mothers’ tears.
Shouldn't all members of these families receive, as part of their daily mail, pictures of the maimed and killed?
The frightening thing is that people like Rubin and Netanyahu would probably love to have a shot of a white-phosphorus burned Palestinian child on a display at their quarters.


The Point of No Return By Jeffrey Goldberg

More of Goldberg's Israeli propaganda. To think the snit/nit-wit Goldberg thumbed his nose at U.S. Military Service opting to serve in a foreign military the Israeli IDF and saluted a foreign flag the Israeli blue star. Goldberg a IDF military prison guard during the first intifada, most likely bullied despondent Palestinians. And Goldberg who still salutes to this day a foreign flag flown by his Israel, had/has the temerity to enjoy the perks of his U.S. citizenship all the while encouraging the deaths of U.S. Military personnel on behalf of his postage stamp Israel. Utterly disgusting.

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