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02 September 2010


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Doug Tunnell

Welcome to the northwest, Colonel...if you're vacationing and want to sample some local wine whilst reminiscing about Lebanon just give a call !

Doug Tunnell
Brick House Vineyards


The NPR report on the drive in today had President Obama stating to the support of the US for the Jewish State of Isreal. I'ld like to see teh transcript to make certain I did not misinterpret what was stated, it doesn't match what is available online at Whitehouse.gov or NPR's site. "Jewish" state would imply less rights for Christian and Muslim citizens of Isreal (which certainly seems to be the case) as an acceptable policy supported by the USA.


"So far as I know Rubin has not served in uniform. It's not his a-s that is to be put on the line to serve his neocon ideas." PL

Why are so many people who have served in uniform pro-Israel and pro-engagement in foreign wars? Approx. 60 percent voted for McCain/Palin in 2008. The people whose a--es ARE on the line vote for the pro-AIPAC agenda, time after time. I have friends who are retired military officers who drove from several states away to attend the Beck rally last weekend.

Why is our socialist communist left-wing Kenyan president keeping Israel as our 51st state?

It's so confusing when the team members' rhetoric doesn't match the team uniform.


Several Saturday's ago This Weeks new host and Rubins wife Christiane Amanpour tried to paint a picture that there had been a freeze on illegal settlements. She brought up how the freeze agreement was going to come to an end soon.

She knows there has never ever been a freeze of illegal settlements.

As is the case with many of those who pushed, lied this nation into that immoral war in Iraq, support Israel no matter what they do, and are pushing for military action against Iran, their lives are not on the line nor the lives of their children.

Patrick Lang


Ignorance. pl


Christiane Amanpour.."ignorant"? Purposeful diversion..repeating a myth


Col Lang, Portland Oregon-- Greatest beer city in the USA. Sample the micro breweries while there. The Wilimete Valley to the south of the city grows the best hops known to man or beast. Let the brew take the mind into a better place for a time!


This latest "tilt" at the windmills will fail soon. That will service Obama's debts to his liberal Zionist backers for now. pl

If some sort of "agreement is reached, green light on Iran?


Pl are you saying that Christiane Amanpour statements are "ignorant" or the public is "ignorant"

Seems like she was willfully trying to spin the freeze issue


Gee, I had exactly the same reaction watching Savannah Guthrie and Rubin.


"socialist communist left-wing Kenyan president?"

Lord Curzon


I disagree; a journalist of Amanpour's experience would tend to check whether something so contentious was valid.

Always conceal a lie within a truth - makes it easier to swallow!

Norbert N, Salamon


All those who push for war with IRan, be they in Israel, USA, or anywhere else will suffer from the blowback re oil installations in OPEC LAND.

Please note that the 3 major suppliers to USA, Mexico, Venezuela and Canada have all cut back [for lack of production and domestic use] in recent times, thus the USA has no sources if the Gulf burns. Your Strategic Reserve can be drawn down at 4 Million Barrels a day, which still leaves you short by 6-9 m per day] Good luck to the evonomy without oil!

Patrick Lang

Some of you people need to learn to read English - Quiz of the day: What does consort of Christiane Amanpour mean?

My one word comment, "ignorance" was in answer to Lina's question as ro why so many military people support creatures like Beck. Once again, learn to read. pl


Wonder if Amanpour had to 'convert' in order to marry Rubin?


'Consort' was a clever dig, regarding Jaimie Rubin being the spouse of Christiane Amanpour. The term is particularly used in terms of being the spouse of monarchy.


Col, i would say ignorance acquired by attending todays christian churches.

not all of the different varieties of churches but certainly some varieties of churches have lent themselves to being conduits for the dissemination of the end of the world support for israel theology.

this is my new favorite Christ quote.

Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.

Russ Wagenfeld

Hi Pat,
"We" briefed many US officers going out to UN duty in the Mid East and debrief many of them when they completed their tour. Most had no prior area experience and were, in general, pro Israeli prior to their tour. When they returned, however, most held negative opinions of Israel and the conduct of the Israeli military.


MRW: I was trying to put all the tea party adjectives in one sentence.

You might enjoy this montage of random interviews around the Beck rally:


Nancy K

lina, thank you for the link. These are scary people. It's what happens when you only watch fox news.


Concerning Lina's questions above:

The problem with a large, standing professional army is similar to training a football team with no games scheduled. The players want to play and the Mid-East is the likely arena.

As for Obama--lack of guts.


And I'll add this for immediacy and relevance:

Most ignorance is vincible ignorance.
We don't know because we don't want to know.

-- Aldous Huxley


Nancy K:

Rupert Murdoch has done more to destroy this country than any other force of the last 30 years. Imagine if Joseph McCarthy had his own cable network in the 50s.

And it's so frustrating to watch the Obama White House appear impotent to dispute any of this propaganda. They need an office of counter-propaganda filled with people from the private sector who understand PR and advertising.

Patrick Lang


This is not my experience. I never saw professional soldiers urge war or violence on the national government and I was placed where I would have seen it over many years. pl


I will not argue with your experience Colonel. My statement was more a comment about human nature. Is it not frustrating to train for decades without testing your skills in the "real" world?

I am not talking about urging war. Is there prudent discouragement by the top leaders in the military to counter irresponsible civilian leadership? When the strategic interests of the country suffer for civilian action, is it the role of the military leader to step up and discourage action? Does a large standing army make imprudent wars more likely?

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