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02 September 2010


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Alex UA

Wow, talk about Chutzpah.

I lived in Israel from 96-97, and that nation really has come under the spell of 'the lady of the night'. I don't know at what point fatalism gave way to the desire to destroy (Yom Kippur War, Rabin's death?), but Ethos has triumphed completely in the war for the Israeli 'hearts and minds' (with the help of 'Christians for the Apocalypse' and wealthy American Jews). This type of collective blood lust should drive fear into the heart of every humane person, and I fear the threat of larger war stemming from this is greater than many/most care to admit (obviously Iran, but if that happens, the dominoes will likely start to fall throughout the Middle East and possibly into Asia, Europe, and Africa).

You'd think that being conquered, tortured, murdered, and chased around the world for several thousand years, would have given the Israeli's some compassion, but as the old saying goes 'homo homini lupus'. Rather than a 'special people' this has shown that Israeli's are all too human.


Thanks for being a voice of reason Pat!

Alex UA

Sorry, I didn't mean 'ethos' I meant 'thanatos'. (mentally combined eros and thanatos I suppose)


The entire world must convert to Judaism and then tell their zionist brethren they must get out of Palestine.

Medicine Man

"Lior’s enthusiasm for Shapira’s tract stems from his own eliminationist attitude toward non-Jews. For example, while Lior served as the IDF’s top rabbi, he instructed soldiers: “There is no such thing as civilians in wartime… A thousand non-Jewish lives are not worth a Jew’s fingernail!” Indeed, there are only a few non-Jews whose lives Lior would demand to be spared. They are captured Palestinian militants who, as he once suggested, could be used as subjects for live human medical experiments."


If this is true, some of the Rabbinate really are coming full circle in their thinking.

Good Lord, that is a frightening article.


In Gaza as in Tel Aviv, in Kadahar as in NYC, there are no innocents in wartime.


This is one of the most disheartening things that I have seen in a long time...

... and that's without the context offered up by Max Blumenthal.

If ever a thundering "Oy Vey" was justified, this is it!


So the only thing wrong with Auschwitz was that the Nazi's sent the wrong people into the gas chambers? Frightening indeed, especially the cowardice of the Israeli politicians who won't stand up to this extremism. How the hell do they expect the Palestinians to stand up to thier own extremists if those with real power won't do so?


These people are Judaism's Tafkiris.

The video makes perfectly clear that Rabin was murdered for religious reasons - the video make the rationale quite clear (not just non Jews can be killed, they explicitly include Jews, if they are violating these people's particular reading of the Torah). The sentiment that had Rabin murdered is still alive and kicking. Netanyahu courted them then as he does now.


This is interesting:

"The tradition in the [New York] village of Satmar Hasidic Jews is modesty. Even on the hottest of days, most residents cover up from head to toe. But visitors don’t necessarily follow that tradition, and now the main synagogue is asking them to comply.

Congregation Yetev Lev posted signs at the village’s entrance – in both English and Spanish – asking outsiders to cover their legs and arms, use appropriate language and maintain gender separation in public.

“It’s a way of respect,” said one resident."


Medicine Man

@Alex UA:

I wonder how exaggerated that "Christians for the Apocalypse"-meme is? End-timers can't be so ubiquitous that they are a significant proportion donors to Middle East... at least I wouldn't think so.


The superiority complex can be murderous. Solzhenitsin’s last book documented the role of Jews in the Russian revolution of 1917-1918. The unproportionate representation of Jews in the terrorist Soviet government, and the physical extermination of tsar’s family (including children) under supervision of Yurovsky (a Jew) are not the well known facts in the US.
Jews were represented unproportionally in the Russian CheKa as well. This organization conducted a large scale extermination of Russian intelligentsia and clergy. Jewish intelligentsia suffered as well. Yet some of the bloodiest CheKa executioners, like Lazar Kaganovich, lived a life of privilege well into Perestroika. There are many books demonizing Germans for Jewish Holocaust, but the world knows little about the role of Jews in Russian Holocaust.
This Solzhenitsin book is still not available to the English-speaking readers. The book suffers a fate of the Goldstone Report.


Modern Israel is filled with the progeny of Soviet Jews. The rabid rabbis advocating murder of Palestinian children, and their enablers Netanyahu and Avigdor Lieberman, do not belong to the superior Jewish minds. The best—as it well known—have been against the Jewish (apartheid) state.
Judging from Israeli media, Israelis en masse are very fond of Bush, thus showing an amazing amnesia with regard to the source of Bush family wealth (corroboration with the Nazis and Arab despotic regimes). The Jewish psychopaths (see Dershowitz and Abe Foxman) are as much prone to sadism as any psychopath of any other ethnicity.
Ironically, the most damning evidence with regard to “Jewishness” is arriving from genetic studies. There is no way the stepp Kaganate of Khazars can be ignored by the prudes any more... so much for the superiority complex


Fred: Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, mentioned in the article had some thoughts on that.


The problem of evil drives so many people completely insane doesn't it? To be fair to him he later walked it back.


I'm sure it was a genuine attempt by him to add context to a theological argument and not desperate backpedaling when he realized that you can bash the wogs all you like, but you do not fuck with the memory of the holocaust.

Alex UA

@medicine man:

I didn't mean to imply that they were big direct donors to Israel. Rather, Israel receives political support from both sides of the isle thanks to the so-called Christian Zionists, because a "normally" anti-semitic (and thus anti-Israel) contingent of American politics (the fundamentalist protestant Right-wing, i.e. 'born again... with a vengeance') is equally as supportive as the mostly left-leaning Jewish lobby.

Norbert N, Salamon


Off topic

Perhaps the following article by Ches would be of interest re ME:



This is a tribe mentality.

It prevails in the region.

Why are we surprised?

Because 99% of Americans think THEY are just like US.


Our modern religions took a wrong turn somewhere from their ancient beginnings.

AT DEATH, the ancient EGYPTIAN's heart was weighed on the balance against the Ostrich feather of MAAT, the goddess of the Spirit of fairness, justice, & compassion. Blind adherence to ritual was not enough, the heart had to have lived in the Spirit of Maat. Found wanting, it was devoured by a lion, if it passed, it became immortal and went to Paradise. In their system, eating from the Tree of Knowledge led to the Tree of Life

Unlike ours where eating from the Tree of Knowledge led to expulsion from the garden where the tree of Life grew.




The memory of the holocaust is quite selective. One is lead to believe that only Jews were killed and 'never again' is never again to the Jews. Gays, Liberals,the Romani, Soviet POWs, Poles, etc. are another story.

One should always remember that the restrictions, the collective punishment and the Ghettos all came before the gas chambers.

Sidney O. Smith III

If you want to see an amazingly brave American Jew, check out the work of Max Blumenthal. Wow.

I also add Phil Wiess-- one of America’s great newspapermen -- but I sometimes worry that he is more interested in some return to his younger days and a rebirth of Woodstock nation. Weiss can forget it. Rabbi Teitelbaum was right all along and he isn’t Studio 54 and he isn’t Woodstock. God bless Rabbi J. Teitelbaum.

And check out the work of Max Quetzalcoatl, son of Sidney Quetzalcoatl, son of Hymie Quetzalcoatl, he of blessed memory. I sometimes wonder if Max’s American courage and his American wisdom can be traced to Qoheleth Quetzalcoatl, a very rare alliteration of “Q” indeed and a reference to Ecclesiastes, one of my favorite books of the OT/Tanakh (it is not pessimistic in the least! I swear!).

Max may end up the greatest Questzalcoatl of them all. God bless him too.

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