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18 September 2010


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As Mein Kampf was mentioned on another post I thought this might make an interesting read.



Times change; yet, they don’t. As Iraq winds down, U.S. Army confronts a broken force. The article describes the 3rd ACR at Fort Lewis the final year of my enlistment in 1971; except then there were no women within miles of the Enlistees and there wasn’t a Second War ongoing to be rotated through endlessly.

The Nixon Administration recognized the US Army’s Quiet Mutiny and was writing off Vietnam but just didn’t tell anyone. Today, the political elites and corporate media are telling everyone that the US can win the AfPak Campaign when it is impossible at current troop levels and band-aid economy.

To paraphrase Alan Farrell’s Interview at VMI:

In the business of guerilla war, you’ve got two choices. Either massive, massive introduction of troops, or none, or advisers. Other nations that have tried to occupy, have discovered how really ugly and difficult it is to be an occupation army, where the population really wants to kick up a fuss. I think some of the guys didn’t read the existing historical records before they began trying to occupy a place like Iraq, with vast cultural differences, enormous hostility, independent of the war. If [they] could not fight and defend themselves with guidance and support, [we’ve] got to turn Mom’s picture to the wall and write them off.

The Hot Heads are starting to be march in the USA. The ongoing occupations are sapping strength and treasure for no good purpose. American needs to rebuild, repair the economy and prepare for eventual massive operations to end the Drug Wars south of the border.

Cold War Zoomie

We live in the land of the lunatic fringe. Some days I fear and loathe them. Some days I cherish them for broadening our cultural spectrum - they may be crazy, but their ours.

Yes, the Brits have their "eccentrics." But our lunatic fringe is bigger and stronger!

Cold War Zoomie

"...but they're ours"...not "their ours"...Ugh!

Is this what happens in middle age? Do the brain cells just start dissolving?

frank durkee

CWZ: Yes. It gets worse as you age, with sympathy.
Frank Durkee

Patrick Lang


Who? What? pl

Cold War Zoomie

"Who? What?"

Just a random thought after reading some news and commentary this morning, especially how 20% of Americans are swallowing hook, line and sinker the tin-foil-hat conspiracy theories about Obama being a secret Muslim and born in Africa.

Reminds me of a bus ride in the early 1980s when I was going home for Thanksgiving vacation. This guy next to me starts rambling about how Ronald Wilson Reagan was the anti-Christ because each of his names has six letters, proving that the Apocalypse was nigh. This guy had it all worked out in detail and kept me entertained for at least an hour. Oh, how I miss the days of long Greyhound bus rides!

And in your early days, remember when the Pope was going to take over the US of A if Kennedy were elected?

I met some "interesting" people during my time in the UK, but the real cream of the crop fringe live here and they are gaining political power.

Norbert N, Salamon

for your anusement from Taiwan:



Can a keen observer of our politics comment on the Tea Party Express insurgency and what they are doing to the Republican party?

What happens when the Republicans who are equally complicit in our grand mess and are equally bought and paid for win the majority in Congress?

When would the political dynamic change that there is a consensus to fix our problems rather than use political power to loot the middle class?


The "Surey with the Fringe" from Delaware, US Senate candidate O'Donnall ( a carbon copy "Palin") seems to be hiding from the press, cancelling her appearances on the Sunday AM "talking heads" shows. Is that because Bill Maher has surfaced with old tapes of her "witch" experience and campaign she ran on stopping masturbation? Evidently she did not learn from the "master", Geo Carlin, who commented, "If God did not want us to masturbate he would have made our arms shorter!" It really is a crazy world



Rode a greyhound from Ft. Benning after Airborne School to Maryland one time.

Never. Again. Ever.

Speaking of travel, I got back from NZ a little while ago. Kiwis are an incredibly friendly people, I found. Auckland though, was a bit crowded and had new construction going on everywhere. I was glad I got out to see the countryside and everything it entailed.

When I went diving, I ran into two expats, one from the UK and one from the Czech Republic who had sold most of what they owned and were traveling around the world. Both talked about the situation in the UK (where they both had lived previously) and how everything was pretty untenable to the point where they were waiting for everything to come crashing down.

I found that interesting considering that both worked in the finance world as relatively high muckety mucks. Both were good people though, who I told to look me up if they ever come to the US.

However, I'm not sure if I should be glad of my position with a stable job, or envious of the fact they can give up everything and hop around the south pacific w/o a care.


Can't say I did, Anon.

Could you explain the statement to me? I'm not getting it. : /

Cold War Zoomie

Those bus rides from Mississippi through Alabama to Atlanta were like roving Flannery O'Connor short stories. Another one of my favorites was a guy explaining how wonderful the Rapture will be when God beams up everyone just like Scottie in Star Trek.

A blast from the past.


Anybody got a handle on this one?



One of my buddies finished up his Vietnam tour and fulfilled a lifelong dream, riding the Greyhound from San Francisco to Boston. I don't think he'll even look at a bus anymore.

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