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22 September 2010


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William R. Cumming

Any of the commentators focusing on Indian role in US Afghan policy? Seems immediate withdrawal might cause some Indian politicians great heart burn! IN the meantime the Communists continue their long term comeback and success in India.

Patrick Lang


I hope that is good. pl



Thanks for that link. Meant to read that book in '07. Interestng commentary on Nuremberg. Chris Dodd should have run for President in '92.


Re: firing Generals.

For an Obama team which is hyper conscious of image maintenance, you think he'd do it? All past interactions have indicated, that he has either caved in or triangulated the "perfect" course which makes everyone unhappy and proved that he is indecisive on a lot of things that matter. Heathcare, Fin. reform, every major piece of legislation, he managed to tie himself into knots.

He is not in control of events, he will not be. And the Generals won't let him. He's now wedded to them and can only hope that they'd coast along to not damage "his" presidency.

The nation comes last.


"But the truth contained in it has just enough spin, hidden agendas, and subtle textual skills to render the 'truth' not only meaningless, but dangerous, as well. It will be a sign of maturity the day we turn our backs on this technique of writing, and this writer, in particular."
This puts it in the most succinct way - thank you, I could not agree more.


Sorry for the delay, colonel; it's excellent.


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