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27 September 2010


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William R. Cumming

Yes you can assume Shia control but not necessarily subservience to IRAN! IRAN seems to reflect the death wish of SADDAM HUSSEIN and even the Iraqi SHIA know that is a dead end for their future also.

Am I correct that SHIA and SUNNI are two largest sects/factions of ISLAM and are there other contenders for dominance? How do the SHIA and SUNNI stack up across the board militarily throughout the world of ISLAM?


We should all thank the Republicans who put the Shia in power.


We succeeded in putting the majority sect in control of the minority sect in Iran. This is usually better than the reverse.

It is important that the minority be fairly treated or there will be unrest so this move on the part of the Shiites would appear to be poorly judged.

Having stated the obvious, I would like to know whether the Iraqi Sunnis can expect any intervention to see that they are well treated from the Sunnis who make up the bulk of the religion world wide?


It's about control of the oil revenue i.e. Mosul and Basra.


my hunch is that they will receive covert support from the neighbouring Sunni countries.

Patrick Lang


Very likely. pl

FB Ali

It is interesting that this report comes at the same time as another one highlighting the resurgence of al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia. The US military claimed that, if nothing else, at least they had succeeded in destroying AQiM. Even that is now in question.

For the AQiM report, see:




"We" if you mean the neocons, you are correct. There were plenty of warnings prior to the invasion.

'It is important that the minority be fairly treated or there will be unrest..."

So that's why the first intifada started!

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