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09 September 2010


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Apologies for going off-topic, but what is the medallion/coin image atop this post?

Maureen Lang


Here's the Athenaeum link that ids it (see comments below post):




Fascinating! Thank you, and have a great day!

Norbert N, Salamon

I note that the Colonel is also mentioned in the article below,


Thanks for the insight of India/Pakistan fight over Afganistan - one learns new things daily!


I very much enjoyed the program.


The voices of sweet reason.


Pat, et al, how do you account for the mission shift from counter-terrorism to counter-insurgency and nation building; and the US voters accepting it? Simple distractions of daily life? I understand that for some counter-terrorism was a means to another end.

Cloned Poster

off topic



FB Ali

Col Lang,

Excellent! Reminded me of your appearances on PBS way back (where I first saw you). Such a shame these idiots/crooks don't let more people see and hear you.


Col Lang, that was a great interview.


It's the first time I've heard you speak. I liked the air of considered calm you brought to the discussion.

Would that many others took up and emphasised your comment that neoconservatism is anything but conservative. In the end it might just be their greatest point of vulnerability.


FB Ali, I remember also seeing Colonel on PBS way back with Col. Gardner (or Gardiner?). It is a shame that these guys are kept out of the MSM discourse. It must be a reason for that, and forces behind.

Medicine Man

A very interesting program, Col. Thanks for sharing that.

@Ingolf: I wish I could share your hope there. I think the NeoCons are well camouflaged, although they would certainly suffer if correctly identified as the Trotskites they are.

Patrick Lang


One of their better people said to me once in an amiable moment that the "the con in 'neocon' is the con part." pl

Medicine Man

Lovely -- well I suppose that from there perspective, the packaging is just a means to an end.


FB Ali,
Thanks for reminding me why I became a Pat Lang groupie. NOW I remember the News Hour and Col. Langs appearances. If only everyone else had watched and listened.


Cool, Pacifica Radio? My earlier comment was before I had listened to the program. And you right after Bernie Sanders? Good for you, and please do more of it.

William R. Cumming

The "WEST" seemed to have adopted the notion that mere passage of time would lead to progress. The "EAST" seems to not have made that leap of cause and effect. PL do you believe their is merit in the Western Belief or is it somehow just a reflection of the religions, ego's, hubris, and inventions that have led to the rise of the WEST and now perhaps its decline?ruer

Medicine Man

Things left unsaid...

Col. Lang: During that radio interview with Ian Masters you commented on the surprising state of disrepair in the Iraq national electricity grid. You suspect that the Iraqis will improve their lot steadily once the US is "out of the way". I'm not quoting you exactly, but that was the basic message. In light of some recent observations you have made on SST, I was wondering if you were hinting at the negative effect business contractors and their corruption/profiteering have had on reconstruction efforts in Iraq?

I have been wondering for some time now why the US has gotten such a poor return on investment for their reconstruction efforts/dollars in Iraq. Was it the challenging security situation or contractors not feeling the need to produce any decent results? Or perhaps something more nuanced...?

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