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16 September 2010


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However, Feltman is not Jewish. You can't always go by the name. Not that all Jews are ZionKons.



Feltman was Indyk's assistant at the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv on the 'Peace plan' stuff, and was Consul General at the Tel Aviv Embassy, later worked at the Iraq CPA headshed, and as Ambassador in Beirut and now Asst. Sec-O-State for Near East Affairs. To hold those positions, one has to share a common bond with Indyk and bunch, namely -- be an Israel firster. It is interesting how Feltman's birthday/hometown/religion are all absent in his official bios.

Norbert N, Salamon

One wonders how, if at all, the Zionist controlled MSM will report on the IAEA's governors meeeting where the NAM group of some 100+ nations berated IAEA's handling of the Iran issue in many respects, and questioned the isssues of Israel and Syria:


From the Governors' meeting one can ascertain that the Zionist phrase "international Community" does not reflect reality when applied to the IRan problem.


I'm not sure that many people (apart from Col. Lang and readers here) quite understand the depths of the problem that has been created by AIPAC and Israel.

In my opinion, it is very dangerous to assume that Israels power to direct U.S. foreign policy in it's own interests will remain primarily directed at resolving Israels security issues.

Were Abbas to roll over tomorrow, Hamas to capitulate, Hezbollah to surrender and Iran to sign the additional protocols to the NPT, do you think Israel is going to roll up AIPAC and go home?

I don't. I would instead expect a Zionist version of the infamous "Rebuilding Americas Defences" AEI document, arguing that since Israel had created this finely tuned political machine, that it would be a shame to dismantle it, when it could be used to advance other Israeli "interests".

There was already a suggestion of this when Turkey was told by Clinton that further arms sales might not have an easy passage through Congress.

What happens when the rest of the world discovers that the road to American markets now runs through Tel Aviv? Knowing the cultural proclivities, chutzpah being one of them, why would anyone NOT expect Israel to enrich itself by skewing American trade and economic policies in this manner?


To put it another way, might not the worlds major international companies suddenly find it politically prudent to have an Israeli subsidiary?


Walrus: The ways things are going, the last things foreigners are going to worry about is appeasing the US.


i have followed Jeffery closely as ambassador to Lebanon & know for a fact that he is not Jewish, in fact he has denied it & laughed at it. But it is immaterial. Non-Jewish ZionKons such as John Bolton, George Will, Tony Blair, George Schultz, have hurt the indigenous Levant dwellers much more than some Jews.

I noticed that Bernard Fall's mother born Seligman died at Auschwitz. One of my physics professors was good friends with Bryce (Seligman) DeWitt who dropped his Seligman paternal name, i guess to make his life easier. Felix Bloch never forgave him for that & reputedly blocked him from a position at Stanford.

Names are fascinating. I study them closely. Gutenberg- you would be surprised as the etymology!


WINEP's David Schenker
"Jeffrey Feltman, two allegedly Jewish "hardliners" on Syria. (While Shapiro is, in fact, Jewish, Feltman is a Protestant)."

Adam L Silverman

Along the lines of Mr. Giraldi's description of the recently released terrorism report, Frank Gaffney and his new Team B have just released a report and policy proposal in regard to what the US posture towards Islam should be:

You'll notice many of the usual suspects were part of the effort.

John Waring

I am not at all convinced that the current Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs, and former Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern affairs, suffers from the malady Mr. Giraldi describes.


Seriously, do these people really believe "Sharia in America"? I read the names and decided I really wasn't paranoid enough to want to read it. Is this what passes for an intellectual excercise in D.C.?

William R. Cumming

What is the best open source discussion of the Israeli development of nuclear weapons capability?

Is there any open source documentation of US complicity and exactly who or what organizations facilitated that development in the federal government and Congress?

Has Congress ever held a hearing on Israli proliferation?

Cold War Zoomie

I watched the documentary The Long Way Home the other night. Israel was founded by people in an understandably intense state of shock.

In a strange and twisted way, from my point of view, the Holocaust is still claiming Jewish victims by clouding their judgment. It's as if they are in a perpetual state of shock that forces them to over-react to every obstacle.

If they do not "move on" in some way, it could very well be their undoing.



Which Secretary are you talking about? WJ Burns,RN Burns(now retired), or Feltman? If you're talking about Feltman, Feltman as Ambassador in Lebanon was/is not well thought of by the Lebanese. There are many Lebanese today who are convinced that Feltman while he was Ambassador had a hand in assisting the Israelis in their various nefarious operations inside Lebanon.

I'd say that Phil is spot-on regarding Feltman.

Sidney O. Smith III

Re: Gaffney and Team B report: Sharia: The Threat to America

Carl Jung, in his book Man and His Symbols, reveals a useful technique for determining intent. In a nutshell, Jung observes that two avowed enemies often project their own character onto each other.


With this in mind, , anytime you read assessments of Iran from a Likud Zionist/AIPAC viewpoint, just substitute the word, “Iran” with “Israel”. Suddenly Likud intent materializes before your very eyes.

I only had time to read the conclusion of Gaffney’s and Team B’s report, “Sharia: The Threat to America” (pp. 141-144). But to make the point, just read the four page conclusion and simply substitute the word, “Sharia” and “Muslim Brotherhood” with “AIPAC” (and “Muhammad” with “Jabotinsky”) and you will see the ultimate intent of Gaffney and “Team B” in the USA.

If you don’t have time to read the conclusion, just apply this technique to the title of Gaffney’s report. “Sharia: The Threat to America” becomes “AIPAC: The Threat to America”.


I don't have time to read all 177 pages of Mr. Silverman's link to Team B's fearmongering, but this sentence from same paper could be applied to Israeli influence in U.S.:

"Such precautions are wholly inadequate for navigating a threat environment in which secretive foreign-
sponsored international networks undermine our nation from within."

Not being particularly knowledgable about either religion, I do see similarities between Judaism and Islam. Both are law driven and at their fundamental center are totalitarian. The same can be said about Christianity but its fundamentalist place heavy emphasis on the Old Testament and not the teachings of Christ.

And then there is the secular version of the Law preached by neocons that promotes its form of world domination under the banner of "spreading democracy."

Wish they could all be moved to a land far, far away where they could butt heads like the dumb beasts they are and leave the rest of us alone.


If one examines the parties that wrote Gaffney's Team B tripe regarding Islam, all of them could be considered 'hate mongers' by their words, actions, and deeds. They (the Gaffney hate-mongers) use their hate and fear of what they do not know or understand as a catalyst for inspiring conflicts that they don't have to be on the front lines of. Their personal hate has contributed greatly to two unnecessary wars. The Gaffney hate-mongers are trying to inspire unnecessary wars against both Iran and Pakistan. The Gaffney hate-mongers are trying their best to inspire hatred of Muslims, of which many of the hate mongers have never met nor have any first hand knowledge of them as human beings or as Muslims. None of the Gaffney hate mongers have sat down and drank tea and conversed over goat and tehenna with any Muslim. The Gaffney hate-mongers mindset are fixated around a preset agenda, kill anything which they fear and do not understand, kill anything which will road-block Israel's hegemony agenda.

Adam L Silverman

Jackie: I think some of them believe it, even though it is tremendously farfetched and some of them are simply opportunists and will eventually move on to, and attempt to bring others along with them when they get worked up about the next/new/emerging threats.




Israel and The Bomb" by Avner Cohen


and fwiw...




I agree entirely with one caveat...

... the generation of Zionists and their immediate descendants who guided the establishment of the modern state of Israel and who embodied a profound experience from before, during, and immediately after the Shoah are being replaced (displaced?) by an amalgam of N-th generation offspring and immigrants whose perspectives are far less straight forward and for whom the Holocaust is hardly more personal than is the American Civil War for most of us.

I just hope there are enough well-meaning Israelis, especially Jewish ones, who will wake up before they are completely enveloped by the wall of obtuse over-confidence...


This report "Shariah, The Threat To America" is the most vicious work it has ever been my misfortune to read. I would like to express my utter contempt for each and every person who attached their name to it or who made any willing contribution to such a pile of ordure.

The big lie is stated in the executive summary - the existence of moderate, tolerant and easy going Islamic countries like Indonesia and Turkey, which contradicts the reports central theme, are explained away by their being in only the early "Stages" of an inevitable Shariah takeover.

From the executive summary:

"Yet, today, America is engaged in existential conflict with foes that have succeeded brilliantly in con-cealing their true identity and very dangerous capabilities. In this, they have been helped by our own willful blindness – a practice in which, given the real, present and growing danger, we simply can no longer afford to indulge.
The Threat is Shariah

These enemies adhere to an all-encompassing Islamic political-military-legal doctrine known as shariah. It obliges them to engage in jihad to achieve the triumph of Islam worldwide through the establishment of a global Islamic state governed exclusively by shariah, under a restored caliphate.
The good news is that millions of Muslims around the world – including many in America – do not follow the directives of shariah, let alone engage in jihad. The bad news is that this reality reflects the fact that the imposition of strict shariah doctrine is at different stages across Muslim-majority and -minority countries.

Similar themes can be found in Mein Kampf and similar Nazi works.

"The Jewish State has never been delimited in space. It has been spread all over the world, without any frontiers whatsoever, and has always been constituted from the membership of one race exclusively. That is why the Jews have always formed a State within the State. One of the most ingenious tricks ever devised has been that of sailing the Jewish ship-of-state under the flag of Religion and thus securing that tolerance which Aryans are always ready to grant to different religious faiths. But the Mosaic Law is really nothing else than the doctrine of the preservation of the Jewish race. Therefore this Law takes in all spheres of sociological, political and economic science which have a
bearing on the main end in view.

The bastards who wrote this report are trying to set America up for an Orwellian perpetual race war, and they may yet succeed.


Maybe I should have said The Great Depression or WW2 rather than the War Between the States...

John Waring


I am referring to William J. Burns. A less doctrinaire mind I have never met.


In re Mr Feltman: Being Jewish is not a requiremet for being a supporter of Israel anymore than being Russian was a necessity for being a supporter of Communism. The Rosenbergs and Mr Greenglass come to mind as support.


I agree with your sentiment. The team leader is LTG (retired) Boykin. He even gave G W Bush trouble as far back as '03. http://www.commondreams.org/headlines03/1016-01.htm

Seems he's been involved in quite few operations that didn't exactly go smoothly. Desert 1, Grenada, Panama, Somalia.
One has to wonder what 'advice' he gave to Janet Reno regarding Waco and just what was he thinking in Somalia - perhaps his view that his interpretation of Christianity isthe correct one were part of his failure to understand both the Branch Dividians and the Somalian culture then, or and even worse a failure to understand Islam and its adherents?

It seems without the USSR around to be the 'great satan' they need to create an 'enemy' and Islam is it.

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