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25 September 2010


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Deliberate, illegal, and unjustified war, against the advice of Americas allies.

Retired (once-Serving)Patriot

A timeline that clearly lays out that it was always about getting Iraq and never about protecting America.



sigh......just as some of us suspected all along.

Only sadder than the fact that this crap was perpetrated on the US public is that hardly anyone cares. And cabal got away with it.


Neither of the big policy-makers (Rice, Bush, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Feith, Franks, Cheney...) had the country’s fate and future at their heart. Their first and foremost priority was their carrier. Hence the stunning intellectual dishonesty, pettiness, treason, and the obvious lack of courage at each step of the horrific blunders which are the US presence in Iraq and Afghanistan.

William R. Cumming

Interesting how many have not written their "versions" of events! Waiting to see the Bush version first?


Iraq was and still is about American sacrifice on behalf of Israel's security.


I really like the "Gone With the Wind" poster motif. George and Condi as Rhett and Scarlett. Different wars but all the same stuff.


This gives me flashbacks.

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