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04 August 2010


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Colonel, you said:

"Withdraw our forces from all overseas commitments that do not serve AMERICAN interests. Keep a few locations that do so."

Can someone explain to me the current rationale for the existence of Nato as a military organization?

Perhaps there is one, but it's certainly not obvious to me. A jobs program, perhaps? To keep the Europeans in line with American hegemony?

Norbert M. Salamon


your persistence to analyse ther situation based on reality is welcome.

That Mr. Paul Sullivan'
Professor of Economics, National Defense University
FORGOT to inclusde any reference to oil/energy problems, even though the USA Armed Forces made an analysis [far too optimistic IMO] indicating that in 4 years time there will be a crunch, and as Armed Forces are operating in a very energy demanding environment [both as to manufacture of assets, and as operating demands], clearly shows that this Prof is NOT LIVING IN REALITY. Similar points can be related to most strategic alloy metals and to ALL RARE EARTH METALS - necessary for modern USA WAR equipment.

This Economist professor is as worthy of the dismal science as the 95% of economists who did not forsee 2007-present ecopnomic upheaval.

Therefore, his total commentary has to be discarded [though his remarks re enetitlements is correct - though unsolvable in present political terms].

For the warmongers among the commentators, shi[p them to afganistan's forbidden plateau so they can enjoy the fruits of their desires!

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