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27 August 2010


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FB Ali

Col Lang,

Excellent suggestion!

I would add to it the proposal that all the bright chaps who flocked to Bremer's side to remake Iraq be appointed consuls in all the appropriate cities, eg, Falluja, Ramadi, Karbala, Kirkuk, etc. And, since Iraq has been remade, local guards would do fine for all of them.


A poetic proposal indeed.

Thinking of it, Paul Wolfowitz could be made US ambassador to the Hashemite King of Iraq.


Great idea. Let them pay thier own way, too. They've made enough off the rest of us.


Rubin was a student in Iran at the end of the 1990s. His report of activities there is a bit confusing but gives a bit of insight into his attitudes. http://www.meforum.org/39/irans-dialogue-of-civilizations-a-first-hand

In general, Rubin impresses me as a pampered wuss with a sense of entitlement, and no other way to earn a decent living other than peddling neocon snake oil.

Theodor Herzl was concerned about the cadre of volk like Rubin that occupied the Jewish population in Europe a century earlier than Rubin: Herzl call them "our mediocre intellectuals," and conceded that the combination of so many otherwise unemployed "MIs" in combination with so many wealthy Jews made for an uncomfortable situation for Jews in Europe.


Modern Israel is stenciled from the former USSR. Exhibit one is Avigdor Lieberman who should have never, under any circumstances, become a minister of foreign affairs of any state. The tribal mentality could be suicidal not only for Israeli right but for the US Jewish community at large, which continues funding the barbaric settlements and is mum about AIPAC unholy influence on the US government. At the final analysis, it is a lack of courage that destroys this world.
Perhaps the Zionist dream has passed already the point of no return:

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