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11 August 2010


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And the Israelis keep wondering why people hate them? They constantly do unto others as they will have others do unto them. What true "God" or "religion" could provide any justification for these acts or are the Israelis just another godless people who have completely lost their way and their ethics?

Are these Bedeoun not Israeli citizens? Where is the Israeli Civil Liberties Union? I guess there is no such entity and no court that would ever protect a Muslum in Israel.

Why doesn't Obama just speak up an put an end to this and cut off their money? If he did, we would all be much more secure.


Ramadan Kareem, courtesy of our tax dollars.


Just think deeply about the hypocritical irony of that video...


The thief left it behind:
the moon
at my window.

- Ryokan




>the governments of the Middle East and North Africa seek to lure, or failing that to force the nomadic or semi-nomadic peoples into sedentary life on ground of the government's choosing.

Are they actually succeeding in this, though.

The Saharan Tuareg seem to be flourishing these days, using satellite phones and their knowledge of the desert to organize highly profitable smuggling and human trafficking runs, and engaging in quite lucrative raiding.

The Bedu in Sinai are, iirc, exploiting their extensive knowledge of the desert, engaged in what must be highly lucrative smuggling into Gaza. In the first BBC reports on the shelling of Eilat and Aqaba, while naming a renegade Palestinian group as responsible, said it was possible they had aid from the Bedu. A quick response to the first Al-Arakib cleansing?

Israel seems to be very good at provoking formidable foes.


I notice strong similarities between this assesment of the Bedouins, and general European view of the Gypsies/Roma.

As for destruction of illegal settlements - why, that's just what Sarkozy is doing right now in France.

(OK, I know there are differences, Sarkozy's Roma are recent immigrants from Eastern Europe as opposed to the supposedly indigenous Bedouins... but still, the parallel is striking).


wow amazing how this goes on right under the noses of all, and right in the light of day, where is the media?

news here is fleeting anyways it lasts a nano instant, the life expectancy of a news event is measured in what?

"In the meantime, the poor Palestinians have become third- or fourth-class citizens in their own country while Jews the world over pore into Israel. Still, Shimon whines about anti-Semitism.
And he whinges about Gaza being called an open prison. Mind you, I’d take Ford anytime before Gaza. At Ford you can have medical help, water and a good night’s sleep. Not in Gaza. B’Tselem is an Israeli human rights organization which courageously points out the outrages perpetrated daily by (mostly) American zealot settlers against local Palestinians. The latter live wretched lives as water and other basic human needs are denied them by the settlers. Hebron is a verdant place where the settlers have decided to drive out the Palestinians through hardship. The settlers have water piped in while the Palestinians collect rainwater. The settlers plant trees and gardens, the Palestinians don’t have enough water to drink while they tend their sheep and camels. Meanwhile the settlements continue to grow.
And it gets worse. An even larger share of the Israeli army’s officer corps now comes from the Orthodox or settler group. These are people who see the Palestinians as subhuman, however unpleasant the word may sound to a Jew. Avigdor Liberman, the foreign minister, is a prime example. A Russian thug with blood on his hands he would like to see the last Palestinian driven across the Jordan River, and the 43 year occupation become permanent.
Well, for some strange reason I don’t think old Shimon will be visiting me on Bushido. I’m sure my old Etonian accent has painted me as an anti-Semite. Too bad. Israel had a chance once upon a time to be a legitimate democracy, unlike the rest of the Arab countries surrounding it. It failed miserably because of its mindset. And that of rich American Jews who encourage unaccepable and brutal behaviour against innocents. Professor Taki is angry as hell and will not take it any more."



>supposedly indigenous Bedouins


Whose supposing they ain't indigenous? Everyone in the Middle East is descended from the Bedu - even the Jews.


I've always found the Tuareg fascinating.

In my silliest daydreams I leave it all behind and go and live with the Tuareg for a few years.


I am reminded of the courage two men showed at Tiananmen Square, one stood in front of the tank in protest. The other refused to drive the tank over him. God knows what happened to either of them. Apparently Israel has some non-violent protesters, but seems to have a different ethic than the Peoples Liberation Army when in comes to tank, or bulldozer, drivers.


Eric Dönges

I notice strong similarities between this assesment of the Bedouins, and general European view of the Gypsies/Roma.

This is nothing new. Throughout history, there has always been suspicion, resentment and outright hostility between nomads and sedentary people, part of it no doubt due to envy of the greater freedom of the nomad lifestyle, and part due to the natural conflicts of interest.

And that governments in particular don't like nomads isn't surprising either - it's hard to keep track of and tax people who can simply hitch up their wagons and leave.


Nomads traversing the Mongol steeps, toting Ger hither and yon, threshing summer grass for one's horses' winter feed with a hand sickle, and eating buuz. Now that's the life.


J, here's the description of a great National Geographic article. Can't seem to link directly to it; I think NG wants to be paid for access:

Hearing Birds Fly: A Nomadic Tale in Mongolia, by Louisa Waugh (2003). After living for two years in Mongolia's capital, Waugh trades her urban life for a ger (yurt) to live amongst camel herders, Mongol Halkhs, and Muslim Kazakhs in the remote western town of Tsengel. In a land of vast deserts, upland steppes, and high mountain ranges, Waugh survives long winters and short summers and learns that a nomadic, Siberian life is controlled by the seasons.



Toto, Eric Dönges,

Here are Ciganys (Gypsies) with songs in their hearts

The Group Parno Graszt [Parno Graszt translated is White Horse] Ratyake phiro

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