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05 August 2010


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505th PIR

What is "Hasbara" guess I am naive.

Its your site and as such it is very free that speech is as free as you want it to be.

I am not one to complain about Sic Semper Tyrannis.

Patrick Lang

505th PIR




Hasbara is the name of a tribe of trolls.

The beaver


They have been very ACTIVE since the past WE - quite a few sites have been "tampered" with - I guess some are making some cash before going to uni (fun vacations are over) or some are bored in their dorms


It's is your place, so you get to set the house rules as far as I'm concerned.

All I ask is that you keep at it.


The sad part is that we are probably indirectly paying their salaries. Good riddance.



I agree Hasbara attacks should not be tolerated. But hopefully legitimate points will be allowed. It's hard to distinguish sometimes. I'm just happy being able to learn and be educated from reading the posts on your blog.


Israel may be upping its cyber-warfare. Recently there was a denial-of service attack at the UN-Truth blog.


Here's an uplifting story of young american jews leaving their comfortable homes in the U.S. to join the IDF. Aish HaTorah is the name of the project. This shows a lot about the loyalty of these dual citizens.

"Aish HaTorah is an organization that seeks to connect Jews to their heritage and prevent assimilation. Some 100,000 people participate in Aish HaTorah programs every year. Aish Machal, which Katsof and Tretiak initiated, is one of them."

To "prevent assimilation" in the U.S. or whatever country they come from. They were born here. They need to be stripped of their U.S. citizenship and never be allowed to return.


B. D. Warbucks


Since when are blog sites and blog posts covered by the Bill of Rights?

Your site, your rules.

Carry on, sir.


In the San Francisco Bay area most any story in the local media about Islam, Israel, 911 etc is deluged with comments from the Israeli first crowd. Their attempts to sway the gay and lesbian community to Israel's side is with stories of intolerance to gays in the Muslim world. Pathetic AND insulting.


for optimax.
given the amount of American money thrown at the IDF over the years it is reasonable to consider that any American citizen enrolling in the IDF is there for military training on the American taxpayers' dime. When they return they should be immediately be inducted as a private in the US Army. Their training will make them highly usable as bag fillers in Afghanistan.


I'm in favor of private sites allowing the widest range of discourse, but posters who are part of organized propaganda campaigns are just trying to drown signal and noise and don't deserve to be accorded any more latitude than v1agra sellers, bankers from Swaziland and the rest.


Allowing these traitors to be privates in the service would be a slap-in-the-face to men like E.B. Sledge who have, and continue to, serve our country with honor.

Medicine Man

I'll confess I'm a bit curious about the latest propaganda push--now that you mention it.

Was it strictly SSDD material in line with the expected narrative or something new and clever?

Patrick Lang


It was personal invective, "nest of anti-semite rats"
(you all) etc. pl


MM, if it had been something new and clever would PL have called it Hasbara?

But to remain with generalizations for a while, which indeed is one of the most significant feature on both sides: anti-Semites and anti-anti-Semites.

After paying closer attention for a couple years now, the usually ill-informed and ill-advised Hasbara legions are the very best to bring the myth of the "generally" clever Jews to rest:



Me an anti-semite? Nah, I am just a mere Noachide with love for truth. Though the chosen "Superior Beings" should remember Psalm 82 is sung for them.


It became clear to me that the USG has put me on the list of suspects - because I am now routinely submitted for "secondary" check at the airport, and there is not evidence of any crime on my part, no middle eastern connections; I wonder if my frequent reading of the SST is the reason? Do readers of certain blogs (I also read Helena Cobban and Juan Cole) make similar observations? My inquiries with the USG remained without replies so far (several months already). In other words - did we arrive in Orwell's world already?


If Thomas = Medicine Man, then: I realized you could read it that way, but that wasn't my intention.

Fact is I was probably a minor Hasbara agent myself pre-911, and rather ignorant of the deep Anti-Arab strain in certain quarters. ... But then, I had met only wise/clever/creative Jews as friends or as writers. But US politics post 911 and the voices supporting them quickly taught me to amend my "philo-semitic" --another generalization-- attitude in the light of new experiences and knowledge.

If you are MM, let me tell you "Thomas" was well chosen, had I been you, I might have chosen it myself.



Medicine Man and me are two seperate individuals.

Medicine Man

I'm not sure where people would have gotten the impression that Thomas and I are the same poster. For the record, I have no aliases on SST.

Ironic that the Hasbara would un-abashedly use vermin metaphors to describe people they dislike.

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