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25 August 2010


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Mike Rush

Well done, Colonel Lang.

William R. Cumming

Well something of value!


Congratulations. Part of my daily reading list.

Charles I

Wow, that's a big number, tho 1/2 a million of em are mine! Congratulations.

Now it'll take me 20 more to catch up a month+, but now its statight to FB's Requiem for a lost country, he's been on my mind


Thanks for your valuable contributions to the spread of reason in American foreign policy.

Cold War Zoomie

Amazing. Did you ever think it would turn into this? I just love looking at the Live Traffic Feed to see where folks are visiting from. Must make a libertarian proud!


Excellent, Colonel!

Not bad for five years and one month on the web. (I checked out the archives because I was pretty sure I've been hanging around here for that long).

I wish you many more years and views.


Thanks again to our host for the site and for sticking with this project.


Thank you for sharing your insights. Usually I don't feel well informed enough to comment, but I find your posts educational and thought provoking.


Great site!

Adam L Silverman


SAC Brat

Is 5 million your retirement point? I hope not. I really enjoy the site, even when the noise starts to drown out the signal.

Patrick Lang


I would want to escape but my dear wife will not allow that. pl


Still a great place to come to learn. Thank you.



gordon reed

Congratulations. I have learned much from you. You have credibility and credentials and most importantly you have been proved right.
Gordon Reed
Huntington Beach, Ca


Congratulations and thank you.


Congratulations. Out of curiosity do you have a breakdown by country?

Maureen Lang


A little late to the party (net access issues), but a hearty congratulations on SST passing the 5 million views mark!

Cloned Poster

Have a ten year old Bushmills and a Havana cigar on me.

Well done


Congratulations, well deserved honor.


Congratulations Colonel and thank you.


Congratulations and thanks.

(I usually show on the live feed as coming from St. Augustine, FL, about 40 miles NE of here).


David Habakkuk

Congratulations. And please pass on my heartfelt thanks to your wife.


Congratulations and many thanks!

(Not from Stuart's Draft; rather, Batesville)

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