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27 August 2010


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Be careful, Internet dating is dangerous.


Please use a firewall and AV software, we don't want to spread viruses.


Are you worried about SSTDs?


I do use firewalls and AV software. ;D

I've been lurking and dealing with the death of an aged but beloved aunt.

My feelings about this site are complex. PL does not suffer fools gladly and this I greatly enjoy. My background is very different from his but my
Myers Brigg type is the same.

My take on where equity lies as between the world and the Palestinians and the Israelis is different from the majority opinion here. Since I made this as clear as I possibly could many of my posts were misinterpreted. The short take is that I have as little patience for the neocons as for the so-called anti-Zionists.

I have not commented lately but I have linked some items here elsewhere. When I feel I have something useful to add and a chance of making my stance understood I will comment.



My condolences on the loss of your aunt.


SubKommander Dred

Are you sure the guy didn't say "Come back, Shane"?


I apologise beforehand for being such a wiseass. But then, it's nothing you didn't expect.

Pete Deer


Thank you, David.


As long as we're doing shout-outs, whatever happened to curious?


I thought Curious got banned?

Patrick Lang


I unbanned Curious some time ago. As a Catholic I believe in the possibility of personal redemption. pl


I greatly appreciated curious's take on strategies and events. I was not aware he'd been banned...hope he decides to come back one day.

frank durkee

Stay with us we neeeed a wide set of views.


Col. sir,

Is there any possibility that you could allow Chinahand back here as well?

Patrick Lang


There are currently no people on the blocked list on SST. pl


the Col called me a swine a while ago when i upset him about a Xtian Science article about the Gulf War, b/ it rolled off my back like water off a duck's. i always thought that pigs were cute. likewise puppies.

i was having a vegetarian meal at a pork B-B-Q joint while a jewish friend was having a pork rib plate. i told him he reminded me of George Allen, Jr. that said "I just had a ham sandwich!" right after he found out he was Jewish. My friend said his children think ham sandwiches are kosher.

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