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09 July 2010


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The Twisted Genius

Well, Colonel Lang and Michael Sheuer have asked the question as directly and plainly as possible and the silence is deafening. I wish somebody would at least try to provide an answer. It might give us a new insight into the minds of the "Israel Firsters." Perhaps they don't even believe their own propaganda.

William R. Cumming

The benefits if any are psychic and political not material in the sense of economic or military.

Patrick Lang


Psychic I can accept. Political? How, other than in the sense of responding to Ziocon opposition? pl



It appears that the only way we get our nation back, is to re-educate at the church house door that Zionism is NOT Christianity. Individuals like Hagee, Robertson, most tele-evangelists are both witting/un-witting dupes. The Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis at Neturei Karta are already waging war against the Zionists on the Judaism side. One of the main problems is that the daddy war-bucks of both religious persuasions are in the Zionist camps.

What's a nation to do?

Patrick Lang


Not in my church. We stand for justice for all. Our problem is that our priests apparently like to bugger teenagers. F--k nationalism, especially ethnic nationalism. pl

Patrick Lang


You understand that I am 70 and my expectations are limited. God vindicates. pl

N M Salamon

Of topic:

Interesting comments attached to the Haaretz aricle:



Patrick Lang

blowback (?)

Nor me. pl



Too many people in America don't know thier opinion until told what is should be, either. THAT is precisely the problem in this country - willful ignorance.


I finally recieved a respose form Senator Levin in regards to former foreign militray officers having serving as a senior advior to the AF Chief of Staff and possessing the security clearances the position would require.

"Thank you for shraing your thoughts with me. I will certainly keep your views in mind should this issue come before the Senate."

And to think I expected an actual answer from the Chairman of the Senate Armed Service Committee; especially after 8 weeks of waiting. Still no response from Senator Stabenow. I sure hope she doesn't ask me to be in one of her relection campaign commercials next time out, she'll have a hard enough time getting me to vote for her.

Mark Gaughan

There is no God.

Patrick Lang


Who? pl



Now that it appears that Bibi has Obama in his pocket, when is their date for their strike on Iran going to take place?

Bibi is soooo gleeful to sacrifice American lives for his postage stamp Israel. And with Obama apparently no longer an impediment to Bibi's Iran aspirations, will DOD step up to the plate and just tell the buggars a flat out 'NO'?



Look to the periods with low moon illumination, traditionally favorable weather conditions, and of course, conjunction of overhead spy satellites to provide BDA.

An attack over a holiday weekend when policymakers (and defenders) may be away is also a good idea. After all, Dec 7 was a Sunday. I think Ramadan, Eid and Yom Kippur are not that far away.




Both Tel Aviv and their lackeys in D.C. forget one important fact regarding their wannabe attacks on Iran, just who invented the game of chess. Tehran will have some interesting chess moves just waiting. Covert interdiction only go so far, and they can't get to every knight/rook/bishop. Why should American military personnel be sacrificed for Tel Aviv's wanton lusts to control Iranian oil and 'greater israel' land stealing aspirations?

IMO, Israel needs to go F--k themselves with a large stovepipe up their Israeli keester!

The beaver


Ramadan will start around August 11th this year. It seems that a lot of financial discussions /strategies happen when people are closing up that Summer cottage during the long WE of the month - opportune time to be away for some "foreign issues"..........



Take a look at this one:

Obama administration: Israel has right to nuclear capability for deterrence purposes

This clearly shows just how far Israel has the Obama administration at its command. So while the Zionist Israeli state has the right to a nuclear “deterrence”, Iran does not. Iran is no threat to our U.S., so why isn't Obama looking out for U.S. interests instead of that of a foreign postage stamp called Israel?



"There is no God."

Eventually we will all find out if this is true or not. Until then, we all share the responsibility of preventing an expedited answer.



Ali Khamenei was relieved of command by Ruhollah Khomeini for almost bringing about the destruction of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Twenty-two years later it appears he is trying to finish the job. Everyone should leave Iran alone to settle their issues.

Also, as has been discussed here at SST, it is questionable if Israel has the technical ability to carry out an attack using aircraft. And would it truly be in Israel's strategic interest to do so?

Patrick Lang


Pascal's Wager?

One can only hope that God still believes in Mark. pl


One can only hope that God still believes in Mark. pl

"But you, Lord, are a merciful and gracious God, slow to anger, most loving and true."

I think the Lord God does, though it is only my belief.

If Man can accept the Golden Rule, then, whether Faithful, religious or atheist, a basis for living with your neighbor exists. And it seems this is the test we are currently undergoing.



Don't forget 'who' is at the 'helm' of Israel's leadership -- madmen intent on the Likud vision of a 'Greater Israel' that encompasses both wealth and total control of the entire Mideast. They don't care how many have to die to achieve their goal. Bibi could care less about Israel's strategic interests, he's hell-bent on achieving the Zionist Likud dream. Israel doesn't have the technical nor the logistical wherewithal to achieve a successful Iran strike on their own, that's where their AIPAC goons come into play with their incessant non-stop press for U.S. involvement.

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