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18 July 2010


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FB Ali

Richard N Haass (of the Council on Foreign Relations) says today in Newsweek : Afghanistan: We're Not Winning. It's Not Worth It ! :


He doesn’t discuss the possibility that, if the aim is to continue the war because it’s very profitable, then it is worth it.

Adam L Silverman


Here are the links for the ANSO reports. The first is for the quarterlies and the second for the biweeklies. Just as a warning, when I click on the 2nd quarter 2010 report I just get page after page with "PDF" in the middle. Same for all the 2010 biweekly reports. The first quarter 2010 is there, as are the previous years' biweeklies:

William R. Cumming

What exactly protection does the American military and Karzai regime give to opium poppy production?



On my end, the 2Q10 report is fine, as well as the 7-1-10 biweekly. Maybe try downloading, and opening them in a reader.

N M Salamon

As a Candian I am happy that Canada has handed Kandahar security to USA.

I would be even happier if the USA would had over Afgan security to Afgans and get the H**L out of Muslim Countries and devote the savings to USA economy [Note not the Intelligence networks discussed above]..

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