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09 July 2010


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R Whitman

Mika is one of those token blonde ladies that the news networks have manufactured at a factory in Pennsylvanis (who says the US does not do manufacturing any more).

All in all,I like her. This is entertainment, not news.

Cato the Censor

It would also be a refreshing change from the prevalent, very un-American practice of nepotism that our current elites practice as a form of modern aristocracy (e.g., Luke Russert). None of these people seem to have anything going for them other than their parents.


They should get rid of Joe also while they are at it. I agree SG is pretty good but the guy she's paired with is as bad as Mika and Joe.


Amen, yesterday Ms. Brezsinski she carried the 'Mom act' to new heights when she hectored Joe for holding a can of beer while he was doing a skit on Dutch soccer. She kept telling him to put the can of beer away in her self-righteous manner. That alone should get her banned.


When there are high profile leaks now, at least we'll know who's doing the leaking--the government.

N M Salamon

Sorry, of topic:

Please peruse the article below, the rejection of foreign help by President Obama re oil spewing well reflects the actions of President Bush re Katarine.


This is a sad reflection on USA arrogance - we know all!


Ah, Zbigniew Brzezinski's daughter. Yes she is 'grating', but so is her propaganda partner Joe Scarborough. MSNBC like CNN are no longer 'news' organization, but 'entertainment troughs' for the shoats to feed at. I would rather read a good book (like the Colonel's Death Piled Hard) instead of listening to Mika/Joe's propaganda screed.


Col. Lang:

For me, Ms. B. represents the lesser of two evils. You should listen to SG during Gibbs’ press conferences before you lock on firmly to any belief that her style allows her to “hold her own.” Most recently, during the McChrystal kerfuffle, she inquired sweetly (and presumably sincerely) whether Obama’s reason for meeting personally with McChrystal was to “shame” him. I’d rather deal any day with Ms. B’s patently grating openness than with SG’s startling excursions into false flag naivete.

I have much more difficulty with Ms. B’s doting adoration of Joe. God only knows how SG would interact with him. Moreover, SG is certainly no match for Joe’s intellectual facileness or that of the majority of their guests whereas Ms. B. received intense training in this skill at the family dinner table.

If they need to get rid of somebody I’d vote for Mark Halperin.


It's best not to watch at all. As their ratings drop they will finally get the message.


I too am a fan of Savannah.


Thank you. I call her Miss Tidy-Bowl.

I get the distinct impression everytime she lays on that schoolmarm shit that she's teaching her daughters at home, that she doesn't want to be perceived by them as breaking her house rules.

She's become insufferable. I can't watch that show anymore. Scarborough needs more time at a screen researching his topics; I wouldn't even mind if he did it while he was on the air. He's stuck in the 90s on so many subjects.

N M Salamon,

The 'help' isn't free. I saw some of the prices those countries were trying to charge us. Their 'help' isn't like what we did for the Asian tsunami; it comes with a heavy pricetag; we can be our procurement agents.

The beaver

First apologies for going OT;
Regarding the Russian spies, I understand that most of them got the IDs of dead people ( Canadian or US)to have the necessary documents to reside and work in the US. However Anna Chapman's stay in the US is intriguing- she was using the family name of her ex, hence carrying a British passport.
So my question is: how did she manage to get a visa or permit to work in NYC? I followed the story on the first day and then caught up a bit this afternoon and I am perplexed.
Would appreciate any input.


Yes, Savannah is refreshing, perky etc. but knowing she was well educated with a JD questions where this "Oh Gosh" act arose.

Mika to me is a little more natural and entertaining which is what this is all about.

My two cents says bring Imus back and we all will be happy.

N M Salamon


Technical and legal discussion for not using foreign skimmers, the capabilities og US skimmers, etc is discussed in today's blog at THEOILDRUM.COM

Oil people disagree especially with government response based on intricate knowledge of the problem and efficiency of skimming.
Biggest problem is EPA regs, which could have been TEMPORARILY waived to better protect the environment.

The cost would have been BP-s, thus USA gov. and taxpqayers would not have been exposed.
Enjoy the blog..



I'm sure Ashleigh Banfield is available, but she's on the neocon/zionist blacklist (which is why MSNBC fired her).

The best response to the leak would be not to have one at all. If this were a nuclear power plant the CEO would already be in jail. Where's the training and engineering standards -even a industry standard?
Where's the oil industry's equivelant of a nuclear regulatory commission?

Sidney O. Smith III

Savannah Guthrie, when working for Court TV, covered a double homicide case in GA. The Lynn Turner black widow case. I know the attorneys and know of the judge. Her coverage was A plus. She most definitely picked up on all the nuances.

Don’t know how she has done on the national msm scene, as I don’t watch msm news anymore. I am free at last, free at last. Thank God almighty, I am free at last.

But my intuition tells me that odds are fair to good that she would sacrifice her career to tell the truth on a very important issue. She doesn’t seem quite a status oriented as those at the Pentagon more interested in a pension than the blood of US soldiers as well as those in the msm.


N M Salamon,

A CNBC Anchor Slams Guest For Using False Right-Wing Talking Points

According to this anchor, who decided to check things out, there have been 68 offers of help, one rejection (Dutch) and then the offer was accepted two weeks later.


My television receives two channels. One channel is Seinfeld re-runs, the other is Telemundo. The female news anchors on Telemundo, unlike their American counterparts, are full-figured and have pleasing dispositions. It covers all the important news events american tv covers, such as, Labron is leaving Cleveland to play for Cuba. It's important to stay informed.

Richard Steven Hack

If Obama wants to smooth things over with the Russians AND deal with the BP disaster, he should consider using the Russian two submersibles, which according to an article I saw today can easily deal with the depths involved and can also work in tandem. They are two of the only five submersibles in the world that can operate at depths up to 20,000 feet. The Russians also claim they have a first rate team that runs them.

Apparently the real problem is that BP doesn't want anybody else involved in the fix up, presumably because such people might reveal evidence of BP's screw-ups which would further damage the company.

Remember, this is the company that brought you the Mossadegh overthrow.


The problem with MSNBC is everything about it is all New York City: too urban, pretentiously intellectual, armchair sophisticated, insultingly arrogant, and rude. It has no middle America flavor, no down-to-earth intellectuality, no blunt, straightforward analysis, no common sense approach, and no niceties toward guests (especially conservative guests). Either MSNBC must change its flavors or it must be shut down for good.


I liked to see Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks go up against Joe Scarborogh.

Cenk can hold his own

billy mimnaugh

Cenk Uygur can not even spit out a sentance clearly.Another in a long line of no talent,no ratings getting nit wits at MSNBC.What a network of failures at that loser channel.When a fat,bloated toad like Ed Shultz gets a prime time slot you know they are scraping the bottom of the barrel.

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