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25 July 2010


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Colonel, do you think Clapper honestly thought the WMDs had been moved, or was it part of the orchestration?

Patrick Lang


I think he is a man driven by ambition and not much else. pl

robt willmann

Especially in politics, a question is always: what are the real reasons something is done?

What were the real reasons Dennis Blair was forced out as Director of National Intelligence? Former CIA director George Tenet got the presidential medal of freedom in 2004 for something, although certainly not for his information-gathering skillz.

So Blair is out and James Clapper will probably take his place.

This just in--

Former CIA director Michael Hayden tells CNN's "State of the Union" program that when he was director when George Bush jr was president, a military attack on Iran was "way down the list". But now, Hayden says, an attack on Iran "seems inexorable".


Hmm ... a pattern seems to be emerging.

Patrick Lang


"information gathering?" What idiots you people are.

Intelligenmce cycle - Collection - Analysis - Dissemination.

What the hell is the matter with you? pl


Marcy is slowly turning into a pretty good blogger.

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