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17 July 2010


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Phil Giraldi

I was on a ship in the Adriatic when Bibi visited Obama so I missed all the kissing and hugging. Since that occurred little more than a week ago with Obama yielding on all points thanks to "commitments" by Bibi, I would think that this story would be a real bombshell, revealing that Netanyahu believes he controls the United States and also that he has no intention of doing anything to advance the cause of Palestinian statehood. Unfortunately, for the story to resonate it must be replayed in the mainstream media, which I cannot imagine will happen for the usual reasons. I noted recently that I cannot imagine how anyone can trust Bibi based on body language alone.


it was buried inside one of the wapo's online sections yesterday --



Good luck on seeing this in the "self-disciplining" mainstream media. Even PBS is
mainstream in this respect. Actually, it is material such as this that needs to be aired in media designed to keep the public well-informed and leadership honest. We are already failing to live up to our claims for Democracy and will forfeit our leadership among nations if we continue down this path.


Huffington Post: Netanyahu In 2001: 'America Is A Thing You Can Move Very Easily'
washingtonpost.com: Netanyahu: 'America is a thing you can move very easily'

First notable mentions so far.


laura rosen in politico gave it a mention where it entered the friday lunch club blog where it first caught my eye. i have a feed to her blog b/ i often forget to check it.


The Wapo's online Checkpoint Washington mentioned it... So it's a blip on DC's radar screen...!


I can't belive some people, take a look:

U.S. official: More U.S. aid will help Israel make 'tough' decisions - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

I have to take three steps back and ask myself is the Asst-Sec-o-State Mr. Shapiro that is flapping his gums an Israel firster? Doesn't he know that the U.S.'s financial balance sheet is in trouble? Doesn't he realize how many Americans are out of work? What makes Shapiro think that the U.S. pouring more money down a sank-hole like Israel will make a pot of rotting kimche [Israel] smell like a rose? Somebody needs to move Mr. Shapiro from his present position and drop him in the State Dept.'s mail room sorting letters.

Roy G

I suppose the same amount of mainstream media outlets that will also report this:

Emergency Committee for Israel Based At Old Committee For The Liberation Of Iraq



More U.S. aid will help Israel make 'tough' decisions--like how to pay for all the goodies the IDF is demanding.

Next year will bring more 'tough decisions,' and the year after...

Negotiating for peace is not a tough decision. That decision was made long ago, thumbs down.


Not necessarily a be all-end all solution, but what would happen if there were a button linking to a web site related to the USS Liberty and its veterans that also distributed stickers with an American flag, the name and profile of the Liberty, and the web address that people could put on their cars. It would generate some curiosity and help get the word out. It would also provide an outlet for a different point of view than that in the media, but in such a way that no one could make the argument that we are being unpatriotic (in the perverse way that being an America firster is so often argued to be an unpatriotic position)?


A little unclear of me... I meant a web site button linking to a USS Liberty site and a matching car sticker.



Somebody needs to take individuals like the Asst-Sec-o-State Mr. Shapiro and stick his face in the kimche jar so he can cabbage his face good. That way then he can smell just like his favorite pariah state Israel, like a rotting corpse.

You can't make a Mule head look like a race-horse, many have tried but it always turns out the same every time, the face of a Jack Ass [Israel].

It is because of pencil-necked geeks like Asst-Sec-o-State Mr. Shapiro, that too many American Military personnel die in unnecessary wars created soooo freely by individuals in the same mold as Asst-Sec-o-State Mr. Shapiro appears to come from! Arghhhh, how did Shapiro get to be a Asst-Sec-o-State in the first place?

The beaver

The rabbi, DARPA and Booz Allen Hamilton:

So BAH must be a nest for the Zionists and I believe that the "cyber expert" Kass got entry to the USA through them


Maybe Bibi didn't lie: the cattle are easy to move and their support for Israel is absurd. If this be true, then the zionists deserve to rule. Let the cattle chew their cud, happy to believe in zionist tall tales.


Bibi the Bamboozler to Settlers: ‘America Won’t Get in Our Way…It’s Easily Moved’

translation transcript provided on the page

YouTube Video: This Is The Real Netanyahu

Charles I

Not a peep in Canada's Toronto Star, Globe and Mail or National Post


Will the real President of the United States please stand up?


don't get too excited about Shapiro. Despite his apparent Jewishness, the JINSA people aren't at all happy with him, namely him spelling out to them State Department policy, calling on to Israel to make 'tough decisions'.

JINSA Report #1007, July 20, 2010, "Tough Decisions" Demanded of Israel

Andrew J. Shapiro, Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs, was dispatched last Friday to the Brookings Institution to advance the charm offensive that seeks to convince Israelis and American supporters of Israel that the Obama Administration is Israel's best friend. He worked hard, but ...
... the most important thing Shapiro said - and he said it twice.

* It is our hope that the Administration's expanded commitment to Israel's security will advance the process by helping the Israeli people seize this opportunity and take the tough decisions necessary for a comprehensive peace.

* Bolstering Israel's security against the rocket threat will not by itself facilitate a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Conversely, a two-state solution will not in and of itself bring an end to these threats. But our support for Iron Dome and similar efforts do provide Israel with the capabilities and the confidence that it needs to take the tough decisions ahead for a comprehensive peace.

"Tough decisions" are a euphemism for ceding territory, ceding political rights, ceding security control to others - Palestinians, intermediaries, multinational forces. There was more in the speech that is worth noting, and we will, but it will take a while before we get over the idea that Obama Administration support for Israel's defense - such as that support is - is a function of the administration's determination to have Israel take actions that increase the risk to its people.

For the tastes of JINSA, Shapiro is demanding from Israel the unacceptable - ceding territory, ceding political rights, ceding security control. Coming to think of it, if he goes on that way, they will probably diagnose him with having become one of those self-hating Jews.

To Netanyahu the status quo is just swell - military dominance, no real threats, freedom of action. Perfect, if it wasn't for all those Palestinians still in Greater Israel, but that's something they work on. So why give up anything?

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