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05 June 2010


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knut royce

frans hals.


Pat, you painted it right? :-)

I knew you had the artist in you, I have faith.


Frans Hals - Couple in Arcadia (1626)

There were so many things to do in Amsterdam, but I did go to the two museums...lol

John Siscoe

I'm sure the answer is easy, unless, like myself, you know all too little about art. But from the subject matter, the treatment, and especially the expressions, I have to say Frans Hals. A charming painting, in any case.



Martin Lund

Franz Hals, how many where they, 27 shades of black. You´ve got taste

Patrick Lang


Hals is an old friend. pl


Frans Hals:

www.tineye.com is a search engine that allows you to upload a picture or the link to the picture, and it searches the internet for locations of that picture. You can often find accompanying information from this.

Cloned Poster

Was Frans an "activist"?

This is the new terror word from all the media including the BBC.

Patrick Lang


I came to love Hals in the National Gallery across from the Capitol Grille and the Navy Memorial. I particularly like the statue of the sailor waiting with his sea bag at the fleet landing.

Hals' pictures have a wonderful luminescence. His treatment of textiles is beyond belief. pl


Everyone loves Hals, don't they?


Great art, but a bit of a downer after Aphrodite.

William P. Fitzgerald III

Pat Lang,

A lovely painting, which I shall view on my next Washington visit. We spent much of April in Italy where art is everywhere. What a trip!



Bart, you had me laughing.

different clue

If it is appropriate to offer mention of another artist who also treated and rendered textures in a very feelable way, then wildlife artist Bruno Liljefors is one such artist.
Here is "winter hare".

Sea eagle chasing eider duck. The ocean waves seem very cold, hard, and ironlike to me.

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