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03 June 2010


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One can copy the last graphs of what I posted from the NYT at 3:07pm and throw it into Google. It will show many sites with copies of that part proving that the NYT changed it later.

William R. Cumming

Any nation-state that takes on Israel successfully will have the de facto leadership of the Arab world for a century. This should be the real driver of fear in the Israel polity! The second driver would be US abandonment of its guilt and shame over its actions in the face of the holocaust in WWII. The real reason the Holocaust Museum is now on 14th street in Washington, D.C. If the US ever develops a real system to prohibit foreign agents or nations from providing campaign contributions to US elections, Israel will find its lobbying blunted substantially. Americans like to think we own our own elections although clearly we do not. We did luck out once though as the NAZI government of Germany in 1940 spent a fortune trying to defeat FDR.

The beaver

Continental Airlines to a former Paratrooper:

'No. You are not allowed alcoholic beverages. You are a threat to national security.'"


Mr Peck was denied wine after he was packed and deported from Israel.


Elderly activist shot and 'let bleed to death'

An elderly man was shot and then left to bleed to death after Israeli commandos stormed the Turkish aid ship bound for Gaza.

So now we have the Israeli IDF mimicking the Achelle Lauro where an elderly Mr. Klinghofer was murdered.

There is no difference between Israel and Al-Qaeda, as both have shed American blood.

Israel is a terrorist the same as Al-Qaeda, the only difference is that Israel has a state seal and Al-Qaeda doesn't.

Israel=organized terrorism on a state scale.


B, The Beaver

Further to press manipulations.

If you look at the reader comments in the Baltimore Sun article, they're mostly pro-Israeli. I wonder if there was any filtering done? According to Wikipedia, the Baltimore Sun is owned by the Tribune Company which has Sam Zell as its chairman. I don't know what his political leanings are.


Can anybody here briefly and accurately explain the history (since 1948) of the legal status of the Gaza Strip? Wasn't it once a legal territory of Egypt? Did the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel (post 1967 war) make Gaza an Israeli territory; or was it rendered an independent, Israeli occupied territory?

I once thought I understood Gaza's legal status (i.e., independent territory occupied by Israel), but now I'm not so sure.

Phil Giraldi

This is terrible news from The beaver. If The Lobby can reach out and deny a man a glass of wine with dinner its power is beyond imagining. Timeo Judeos et dona ferentes!



True, but then again veterans can start boycotting Continental Airlines. Certainly the 'lobby' won't make up the lost revenue.

The beaver

@ asa
Knowing the demographics around Baltimore, mainly those in Academia, I won't be surprised to see pro-Israel commentators and I tend to zap them.
BTW: Sam Zell is “a committed Zionist,” according to his rabbi.

However, it looks like there has not been "interference" for this article.

@ Mr Giraldi
May be it is the lobby, may be a pro-Israel F/A or due to the instructions of the Mossad agent on board ( they do make the trip between TVL and the USA aren't they ?)

Patrick Lang


That's a good idea. Let's start a boycott of Continental Airlines. I wonder which ass put Ed Peck, the old US paratrooper on a list like that? Are we sure that this is true? pl



What I got from the web so far, much from Wikipedia (add salt to taste):

The Gaza strip was part of Palestine until the '48 peace agreements, whereby it became a "controlled territory" under the "control and administration of Egypt", but was never annexed by Egypt.
Israel acquired control during the '67 war and, let's say, is alleged by some to have treated it liked an abusive guardian.
Egypt renounced all claim to it in the Camp David accords; I suppose Israel took it over in a capacity similar to Egypt's prior position.
The Oslo accords, including the Gaza-Jericho Agreement, are the last working major agreements, as far as I know. These created the Palestine Authority and stipulated internal administration of the West Bank and Gaza (including Gaza territorial waters) was the responsibility of the PA, while Israel was responsible for the security of the territorial waters and defense of the territories from "external threats".
Since then, I have read that Israel declared the Oslo accords "dead" around 2001, Hamas won elections in Gaza which Israel, the EU and the US refused to recognize, Hamas shot it out with Fatah and others to gain total control in Gaza, followed by blockade and so on.
The current status of Gaza is, apparently, controversial.

These are helpful. I do not know if they are the documents as finally signed; consider the source?
These include description of the management of Gaza territorial waters; I have the impression that Israel still operates according to these definitions. (There needs to be something to follow for anyone floating boats in the Mediterranean.)




The beaver


That's what is written:
Peck said that after he was placed aboard a Continental Airlines jet for the trip back to the U.S., he met with rejection after requesting a drink with his airplane meal.

"I have a sense of humor," he said. "When I had my dinner and I asked for a bottle of red wine, I was told, 'No. You are not allowed alcoholic beverages. You are a threat to national security.'"

If I were still in NW DC I would have tracked him down and tried to call him to confirm but I am in Montreal. He lives in Chevy Chase.



I'll see if I can find out if the story is true.



Israeli commando who shot six passengers in aid convoy in line for medal

The beaver

Can't believe this- they are letting spies getting away with murder and now this 2-bit politician is going after "Genuine Real America":


Prosecution of the 12 Americans who participated in humanitarian aid.


So Rep. Brad Sherman wants to prosecute Ed Peck and others Americans for providing humanitarian relief to the young, elderly, and the infirm. Way to go Brad Sherman, you dork!

Now on the flip side, I'd bet good money that Rep. Brad Sherman has had 'illegal' contacts with 'foreign agents' of Israel and the dumb ass probably didn't know it (just a supposition on my part). Did Brad file all his contacts with DOJ? Bet not! Rep. Brad Sherman, if he isn't careful will have to register himself as an agent for a foreign government (Israel) under FARA.

Notice how Brad is 'silent' about Israel murdering a 19 year old unarmed American kid with 4 shots to the head and 1 to the chest! 4 shots to the head and 1 shot to the chest!!!

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