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03 June 2010


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I just finished reading a book about the dust bowl during the great depression. It is amazing how farmers savings disappeared as the banks were gambling with their money before the crash. Pretty much like your two examples above.



It seems that there are crooks, thieves & scoundrels everywhere in any era (& I've always thought only the p***ks of my ethnicity were EVIL). Worse, there are occasions where their "knavery & cozenage" is aided knowingly by their gov'ts.

I've read 'bout what farmers in the U.S. went thru prior to the Crash of '29 (Black Thursday) as well, but it was via readin' a work penned by a renowned conspiracy theorist.

Who authored that book you've just read?

(Quite some time since we've last corresponded here, how've you been?)



"How does the decades-old, widespread US job outsourcing practice of multinational corporations figure in your philosophy?"

By definition, you only outsource jobs that are not critical to business survival, you keep your core competencies in house.

Any job that can be outsourced to India, China , etc. is not worth keeping in America.

..And in turn watch the labour cost sensitive jobs in China, India, etc., migrate in time to Somalia, Yemen and such like.

To put it another way, the Ipad is built in China. Where do you think the smarts for that come from?

Free markets work best.


The book I read is "The Worst Hard Time" by Timothy Egan. Thanks for making me look up the word cozenage. Since I don't know what ethnicity you are, I can't say if the crooks are yours alone or not.

I'm getting ready to read a book about prohibition. The run up in wheat prices causing the dust bowl, the roaring 20's and unregulated banking here seemed to have made a mighty mess of things for a while.

It's hot here, but other than that I'm fine. How are you?



I'm of the same skin tone as those who are said to reside in every continent & are (at present) the most populous on the face of the planet (it's said that s'long as there's bodies of water to be found they're there).

Re: "Since I don't know what ethnicity you are, I can't say if the crooks are yours alone or not."

LOL! Which hoi polloi in your opinion are composed entirely of crooks?

I'm reminded of what a citoyen of Crete once said 'bout all his countrymen bein' liars.


What's the record high for temperature in Delaware last month? They're claimin' that it's 89.6 degree Fahrenheit during the day to 71.6 degree Fahrenheit during the night where I'm at. But I dunno, it seems boilin' over here as well.

I'm doin' pretty well, 'cept maybe for painfully desperate need of female companionship (due to personal idiosyncracies like linguistic & topic differences, not doin' too well with the bim.. ladies, maybe I'm just too inflexible & stubborn).

Gettin' off thread, hope the Col. ain't too dissed 'bout this.

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