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10 June 2010


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As a Turk, why do you want Incirlik closed and Turkey kicked out of NATO?

clifford kiracofe

NEOCONS preparing the political offensive against Turkey, phase 2:



If it were possible for the majority of the commenters here to step back and view the posts objectively, they would see a clear, disturbing and sometimes poorly hidden under-current of Jew Hatred. I'm not surprised, coming from the craven left.
I look forward to hearing your deafening silence as Turkey falls to the califate, and all the horrors that come with that.



Neil writes from a DHS mail account. So, either this is yet another case of unauthorized use or we maybe are under surveillance. Harper would be amused to know that he is a "Jew Hater." pl


I am authorized a lunch.



So disagreement with the policies of the government of Israel is Jew hatred? When did that get legislated into being?



At our expense, so that you can attack us for using
our Bill of Rights? who the hell are you, you bureaucrat bastard? You dare to call me craven" Let us compare records in defense of the republic. pl

The Beaver


He must be one of those dual nationals , making his money off Uncle Sam but is an Israel firster. G-d knows where lies his loyalty :-)
Nice Anglicized first name: Neil

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