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02 June 2010


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N M Salamon

Economic reality will make the USA spin acceptable for total withdrawal within 12 months. This is aside from the reservation of NATO members to further in this action for the similar economic reason. When great Recession/Depression/erosion of standard of living is faced by large segment of the respective polpulations [All of NATO incl USA] then the politician has to bow to internal pressures and quit adventurism.

The attack on a NATO member by outsider being belittled by USA Administration DOES NOT HELP WITH RESPECT TO AFGANISTAN!


Say this for Hekmatyar: If anyone ever earned the title "professional survivor", its him. If I remember correctly, he didnt turn fully towards the coalition until they tried to take him out in a failed Hellfire attack?

Salamon: I dont think we will have a complete withdrawal in 12 months. But a solid stepdown may be in the coming, unless the Talebs go to agressive and forces some sort of major effort (overrunning and wiping a US structure larger than Wanat, par example). But Im not in the know ;-)

Cloned Poster

How much of the "rotten apples" in the ISAF infrastructure are involved in the importation of Heroin to ISAF countries and beyond going to feel about this?

Just saying........


I'm surprised that old weasel is still around, IMHO. Seems like there was a time when everyone wanted his head.

Medicine Man

Even factoring in various cynical motives, I cannot imagine why the US would want to stay.

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