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29 June 2010


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Robert C.



Mike Rush


It's good to get out regularly, I wouldn't want you tied to your computer all day and missing all that life has to offer.


Well, okay. I guess RC is going to send you 10 bucks a month.

I'm not going to, because I think you would rather be doing consulting work for the federal government and they need to listen and learn. Have fun!

As always sir, you are one of my first reads.


Col. Lang,
you wrote, "Then he should be put on the retired list in his permanent grade with no end of career award."
Now we learn that CinC is "guaranteeing" him his fourth star. Is there no accountability? Does this chasten the next class of McChrystals?



A site chock full of useful information and worthy commentary? For the subscription price less than half of the Wa Post? Methinks you might be on to something!

Safe travels.


William R. Cumming

Just so you know PL I know many competent people who don't consult for the Federal Government on the basis that the pay level is far too low.
That should tell you something about where real power and influence lie in current governance circles.
Do you ever wonder why retired military and civil service experts are called so seldom to testify before Congress? Congress IMO does really not want to hear from those with a lifetime of experience inside the system. And of course NO political payoff from hearing truth or substance. Witnesses are picked for political reasons not really legislative or investigative oversight.
And just out of curiousity why does DOD not have a website posting the "official" bios of all the flag ranks?


I'm with Jackie: it cheers me to know that you are giving the feds consultation. THANK YOU!

Robert in SB

I wuld gladly pay a flat $120 a year for this site. Tell me where to send it.

The beaver

In the meantime another SPY has been granted asylum in the US. How much power does Israel or Shin Bet have on Napolitano or whomever is in charge for that dept in DHS?
AIPAC rules

Patrick Lang

Robert in SB

There is a button on the side of the site that will take you to my paypal account.

If you prefer snail mail. My address is 14 W. Rosemont Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia 22301. For those who think it foolhardy to post that, it is all over the internet. pl

N M Salamon

Mr. Lang:

Probably it is far more important for the USA that you have time for input to the Government and important publications, media etc than to serve us full time.

Being a retired person on the generous 1000/month pension, I would consider offering you some support, though not every month, if that be agreeable to you.

Do enjoy your site, and I am learnig from some of your knowledgable guests.

good luck in whatever you, Sir, decide
Cordially yours:

John Minnerath

Colonel (Pat),
Thanks for that, check's in the mail, well tomorrow :)


Might be worthwhile to consider a subscription version of SST.

E.g., content on the site is always free to everyone, but for a fee (10 bucks a month?), you could, e.g., host small-scale in-person gatherings with keynote speakers for more in-depth discussion of particular issues; publish a private newsletter; introduce your dogs to those so inclined; etc.

Who knows where it might lead.

Bryan in Saint Paul

No offense, but you may want to put the donate button on the top right of your page. web caused ADD or ADHD, inability to scroll down, only 25 seconds as per view as per studies.


De facto open topic! Let me take the opportunity to ask a presumably informed American audience for their opinion on the subject of Bourbon and Rye Whisky. It is related to a pressing question which is ripe to be decided, since it is summer again.

I am undecided whether I ought to buy a bottle of George Dickel Tennessee Whisky and a bottle of Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Rye.

Opinions? Recommendations?


... 'or', not 'and'. I'm going to buy one bottle.


On a more serious note:

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman reacted furiously on Wednesday to reports that a cabinet colleague had held a secret meeting with the Turkish government, saying the move had damaged his relationship with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Lieberman accused the prime minister of undermining his authority after it emerged that another minister, Benjamin Ben Eliezer, had met with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in Switzerland - without first gaining permission from the foreign ministry.



Confused, here's a good start:


Bookers is nice and smooth. If you make the right connection you might try the local 'white lightning'.


Mr Lang,
I eventually had the chance to read 'Intelligence: The Human Factor'. Fascinating.

Patrick Lang


This is a primer on the trade. pl


cp, try Black Maple Hill 14 yo. This is one of the best bottles for the price. I have had the more expensive 16 yo, and it's too acrid (and way too expensive) for my tastes. You can relax, though, because there are so many good bourbons. Hard to choose a bad one.

different clue

Confused Ponderer,

Could you get a friend to buy the other bottle? Then you could each pour half the bottle you each have bought into another clean empty bottle which you of course have saved. That way, each of you gets some of each.


different clue,
shrewd! Worth scheming to that end ...

I buy whisky/ey with an emphasis on a good price/performance ratio (in which performance is taste, not 'voltage'), so I won't feel guilty for drinking stuff where every sip costs five bucks.

I can't fathom why a couple friends of mine have this love for exotic variety of whisky/ey, like Scotch, 327 years old, from a cask made of the coffin of a saint, distilled at a full moon while stirred left. I don't taste all that, and I don't think it is worth all the money they expend. But then, to each his own.



A woman at the State Liquor Store recommended a bottle of Corner Creek. It was smooth and the voltage didn't jolt the circuits. On the rocks with a water back.


I found that stuff in my store, albeit in a 1,5 litre (2.11 US pints) bottle. The price performance ratio is acceptable though. Thanks for the recommendation. I could try to apply different clue's splitting scheme here (but then, there is no reason I'd have to kill that bottle this year) ;)

I always have bourbon and rye with ice. I prefer the two to scotch in the summer. Bourbon or rye on ice on a hot summer evening is nice.

In contrast, when I'm wet and cold I'd rather have something like Laphroaig. I like that sort of scotch a lot, but can't drink it in the summer.

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