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16 June 2010


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Cold War Zoomie

Among others, I am frozen out. I am tired of it. What should I do?

Enjoy retirement: drink some Scotch, eat fattening food, smoke a ciggie or a cigar every now and again if you feel like it, watch TV, go for some long walks along the Potomac, catch a good flick every once in a awhile, visit some museums, read a good book, visit the firing range, finish your Trilogy, and drive around in yer bigass car...to name a few things.

And if you feel inclined, keep this site going.

You've earned it!

(Damn, I'm jealous just thinking about it!)

Patrick Lang


I am carrying out much of your plan, but I prefer Bourbon. As for the car, I am thinking about getting a bigger truck. The old one has about 20,000 miles on the clock. maybe I'll buy a Suburban and take it down to Houston to have it tarted up as a "Texas Cadillac." Something like porphyry colored leather and velour with a built in bar and card table in the back. What do you think? pl



I propose a toast of JD black-label as primary, with ridge-runner juice (a.k.a. hooch, moonshine) as a back-up. Don't forget to get the long-horn rack for the front of of your 'texas-caddie'. I prefer the old buckboard & buggie myself.

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