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05 June 2010


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The Twisted Genius

I apologize in advance. This is not the most mature comment I have made here. Get a load of his latest mug shot with the goatee and scowl. It just shouts, "Look at me, I'm a pompous ass."

On a more mature note, it was widely rumored that his main goal of conducting the "Clapper Study" was to set himself up as the chief of all DOD HUMINT.


And isn't Gates DOD? Or is he still a CIA man?

Patrick Lang


What is the "Clapper Study?" pl


Perhaps TTG means this:

(NETeam) Recommendations
The Director's Work Plan for Change

1 October 1999

If so, then you are right. God help us all.

I got about three pages into this and found myself gasping for air. The corporate Newspeak was that thick.

Anybody who's been a worker bee in an corporate IT establishment has seen this sort of rhetoric more than often enough to know what it means.

It means the author(s) haven't a single original thought amongst them.

Whenever they're put on the spot by anyone higher up on the food chain, they'll dance to their owner's tune like marionettes.

People like this in charge? That's how organizations die. I've seen this played out to opening to finale myself, so I'm not guessing.

The Twisted Genius

Clapper produced a study in 1999 or 2000 examining the state of intelligence collection in DIA and a set of recommended changes. It's referred to in the 2001 Defense Authorization Act. I can't reliably recall the specifics of the study and couldn't get into them anyways in this forum.

Patrick Lang


My objections to this man are both objective (he is merely a political bureaucrat) and personal (he is rude, surly and inflexible).

Because of the "personal" part I should be careful in what I say.

That is why I changed the "Clapper" post. pl



I thought the 'of the year award' for Von Clapper was as the Visa commercials go -- priceless. LOL LOL

On the 'serious side', Clapper as DNI is a BIG screw-job for HUMINT, Oui?

Did you finally get what TTG was getting at with the 'Clapper Study' of 99?

With Clapper at the helm, should Intelligence just walk themselves into a dark closet, which is where his 'leadership' will take them? Sad day in beantown.

Patrick Lang


When Clapper was head of DIA he did everything he could to obstruct the process of creating the Defense HUMINT Service. So, I guess it was appropriate that he should be put in charge of a study of the new service after he had left. That was irony folks. pl


As General Günther Blumentritt once said during the invasion of Normandy.

"Sometimes I wonder whose side God is on."


the beauty of writing papers in government is you can have absolute disregard for cost.

I though clapper was killed in the first Iron Man movie?

Patrick Lang


Maybe that's why he looks so sour. pl



Thought you'd be interested to know that Maj. Gant is co-author of a new paper on tribal engagement in Afghanistan:



If there is anyone employed in the intelligence business that oughta be fired, it is the person who is in charged of gathering intelligence on Israel. He oughta be fired for failing to get wind of Israel's plans to storm the Freedom Flotilla and gun down in cold blood eight Turkish nationals and one American of Turkish descent. By the US failing to intercept the Israelis from committing murder on the high seas against one of our most strategically important allies in the Middle East, we may soon be in a world of hurt as we look at the mother of all wars square in the face!

Farmer Don

Off Topic
"JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel's prime minister claimed Sunday that the Turkish activists who battled Israeli naval commandos in a deadly clash last week prepared for the fight ahead of time, before boarding the ship in a different city from the rest of the passengers."

This is either the best disinformation to date from Israel, or a major change of reality with regard to the killings.
The beauty is that this blames the victims, while explaining how the poor gullible peacenicks were fooled by the evil terrorists.


an earlier conclusion (albeit 'personal') from general clapper:

The official, James R. Clapper Jr., a retired lieutenant general, said satellite imagery showing a heavy flow of traffic from Iraq into Syria, just before the American invasion in March, led him to believe that illicit weapons material ''unquestionably'' had been moved out of Iraq.

''I think people below the Saddam Hussein-and-his-sons level saw what was coming and decided the best thing to do was to destroy and disperse,'' General Clapper, who leads the National Imagery and Mapping Agency, said at a breakfast with reporters.

He said he was providing a personal assessment.



Farmer Don... the drivel will never cease. So the Turks knew that the Israeli commandos were going to attack via helicopters with live ammunition, and they prepared to counterattack with sticks!

Funny how many of them were shot at close range, multiple times.

Deceit and deception are like inhale and exhale to hasbara.



The problem I perceive with General Clapper is that he is an acolyte of the Military Industrial Complex who looks no further than where the next bomb can be dropped or the next home a drone can destroy. The only goal is extorting more money into Corporate Coffers.

Also, I’m sure; he expresses no puzzlement concerning Turkey turning towards its fellow Muslims who are under attack away from the West. Further, he believes more surveillance will catch those Turn Coat Americans who buy airline tickets to Somalia or visit Times Square.

The killing of radical Muslims will not convert the survivors to secular Westerners. Despite all the talk about COIN the only plan the CIA is still pursuing in Pakistan is “Kill them all and let Allah sort them out”.

From Goldman Sachs to BP to Lockheed Martin, there must be incredible pressure to keep the good times flowing. But, no matter the happy talk or spin, the current military and financial course of America is unsustainable.

Patrick Lang


(Irony alert) I have decided to support Clapper's confirmation. He deserves the honor and I am curious to know what sort of devil's bargain has been struck among Gates, Clapper and Panetta. Walter Pincus had a column in todays Washington Post in which he says that Clapper himself suggested that as DNI he should be hi sown deputy for military inteligence. If that means all the bits of the "community" that are funded in DoD financial programs, then that is most of the community. As director f DIA it was a major goasl of Clapper to acquire specifically this span of control, taking it away from the DCI, Woolsey at the time. He failed then, defeated by Woolsey's stronger political connections. what is suggested by this "suggestion" is an agreement for a division of the spoils. Does anyone think such an arrangement can be stable? pl


Re Israeli "talking points" from Shmuel at Mondoweiss:

From “Letter to Israeli citizens”, signed Ronen Plot, Director General, Ministry of Hasbara and Diaspora:

1. It is not the Palestinian people (sic!) that is under blockade, but the terrorist regime of Hamas in Gaza.
2. On the flotilla, civilians were cynically exploited by extremist organisations.
3. A distinction should be made between the desire to help the residents of Gaza, and aid to the regime of Hamas and the terrorist organisations, which is seeking an additional route to bring arms into Gaza.


Are we being played for fools?


Vietnam Vet:

"But, no matter the happy talk or spin, the current military and financial course of America is unsustainable."

I'm afraid that it is sustainable, but not while America maintains a prosperous middle class. Washington D.C. is sounding more and more like Versailles.




What the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Hasbara) play U.S. for fools? Really, really, really?? (irony alert). Israeli Gilad Atzmon summed it up best:

".....The new Israelites have an Armageddon scenario in mind. Their philosophy is pretty simple, from Auschwitz they took the ‘never again’ (like a lamb to the slaughter). From Masada they deduced their survival motto, ‘if we are going down, this time we take everyone with us’. This is in fact the true Israeli interpretation of the story of Samson, the Biblical genocidal murderer who pulled down a Philistine shrine on himself together with some other 3000 children, women and elders.

I guess that with Israeli nuclear submarines stationed in the Gulf and last week's slaughter in the high seas the nations do not need any more warnings. In fact there is no way to get the Israeli nation ‘off the tree’. All that is left for world leaders to do, is to meet amongst themselves and decide together how to dismantle this morbid collective without turning our planet into dust"



Even if we had gotten wind of what Israel intended on doing to the flotilla, would this country have stood up? It didn't do so afterwards, so what makes you think it would have done so beforehand?


Werent you fired by Jim Clapper at DIA?

Patrick Lang


No. I was not fired. I left because you were such an incompetent asshole as director. Find some paper. pl

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