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16 May 2010


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n m salamon

Opec has spoken:
1., The USA Notion to sidetrack the NPT review into Iran bashing is DOA!

2., The notion that Israel's A Weapopns can be forever "hidden" by USA/satrap indukgences is DOA!

3., The USA notion that P/I the peace process can go on forever without results is DOA!

4., The USA is fast running out of "moderates" in ME land.

5., the Likud leadership has been just awarded another headache!

The language of Prince Turki this time is far more strident than it was last time while pondering the USA position vis-a-vis Israel/Palestine.

I wonder if Mr Obama has Ear to Hear, else he is completely enslaved by AIPAC!


Turki has always been a dove WRT Iran. I don't know to what degree he represents the whole royal family. In my understanding, Bandar is much more willing to challenge Iran and accommodate Israel. Is the intra-family debate over, or still ongoing? Is there a succession power struggle of some sort? Is the US backing Bandar? Does Iran have any reach in KSA to back Turki? Any insight Col Lang has on this that he can share would be much appreciated.

Any kind of Saudi-Iranian detent (I'm not saying there will be one) would change the Mideast equation dramatically.


If Israel violates Turkish airspace the other NATO countries have a clause five responsibility to support Turkey in its defense. No?

n m salamon

interview at: http://online.wsj.com/article/BT-CO-20100516-700200.html?mod=WSJ_World_MIDDLEHeadlinesAsia


Arnold Evans makes the point that the Irak surge was accompanied by a tandem detente with Iran. This factor facilitated the surge's success.

Now BHO seems to want our military to swim against the current by roiling Iran. A surge in AfPak while escalating tensions w/ Iran via tighter sanctions. The rationale for increased sanctions being "[t]he US is trying to carve out a separate group of NPT non-weapons states that, because they are not politically cooperative with the US, must accept greater limits on their access to technology."

At the same time the U.S. has killed the Arab states MidEast Nuke Free Zone saying the "time is not ripe." (Israel does not approve of it.)

Iran could have made life hell during the Irak surge. It surely will do so in Afghanistan in retaliation for sanctions. BHO and Clinton, the woman, are such fools.

Brian Hart

First does Israel need to fly into Turkish airspace to get to Iran if they can fly through Iraq in the late Fall?

Second when he refers to a "universal nuclear umbrella" what does he mean?

Third a clever and conniving man like him certainly knows that the US would never get Israel to give up its nukes even if we were willing to ask. So what is he setting the stage for? Is Saudi Arabia going to take delivery on the nukes they financed from Pakistan as the logical counter to a nuclear Iran and Israel?

n m salamon


Is it possible that Prince Turki's comment is an attempt to side-track any and all war-type issues. After qall any shooting war might have extremely detrimental effect on Saudi Arabia and any US satraps in the Gulf.

Appears that President Lula and Turkey have managed to get the Iranian chess game going again, leaving President Obama between the rock and the hard place.

The international community of 130+ [excluding USA and satraps] are already on Iran's side.


@Brian Hart,

I think you are much closer to the real score than any politician "strategist" in Washington DC is willing to admit. The day Iran is clearly a nuclear weapon state is the day the Kingdom unveils its own arsenal.

But I think Iran is heading towards a policy of deliberate ambiguity like their former Israeli allies. Much easier for them that way.


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