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07 May 2010


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It seems to me this episode is a striking commentary on the many things wrong in this nation. What rational foundation is there for six months to go buy and this guy's trial has not begun?

And for the record, and anticipating some people perhaps, I am a lawyer. I know, relatively speaking, the complexities of both the military and civilian legal systems. And for the record, I am also keenly aware of (numbed by?) the standard bromides endless march out buy legal bureaucrats and shook at the general public to turn away the obvious questions about the delay. I still call them on it. And in the end, call on them, "what the hell are we waiting for?. One way or another...guilt or innocence, get on with it.

We could turn the finding of whether a ball was fair or foul into an excuse for endless phone conferences, and one or two on-site conferences.

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