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09 May 2010


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Col. Lang, at the risk of offending you I have to ask: "What if the Generals and Contractors instead decide that Gates has to go?"

I also have to ask: "What if a (retired) General decides to stand for President?"

To put it another way, is the military industrial complex powerful enough to resist Gates tender ministrations?

JK Pearson

Perhaps you should suggest that Gates emulate the Brits - and occasionally shoot an admiral to encourage the others?


You might like reading David Colqhoun's blog. DCscience.net


these military minded men have no idea how broke our nation is, and they certainly will not be told by the patriotic americans in congress..whether the senate or congressmen or any other govt dependent bureaucrat.

what america needs is a few good men.

Ron paul comes to mind.

Brian Hart

The generals will volunteer to trim the living wage and health benefits of the enlisted personnel now that civilian unemployment is so high. A sad commentary on current affairs.

William R. Cumming

Now seeing possible team of Jeb Bush and a 4-star becoming the Republican ticket. The others are unable to grasp the nature of coalition warfare that is the lifeblood of modern politics.

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