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23 May 2010


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Adding insult to absurdity is Sarah Palin accusing President Obama of being in the pocket of the oil industry.

Besides, are Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal now saying that when it comes to an accident involving private industry that government is the solution, not the problem? Doesn't that turn Ronald Reagan's great conservative dictum on its head?

As to Afghanistan. Get in line. Irag, Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen Columbia, Mexico..also North Korea and Iran....

What cannot be sustained will not be sustained.

The sorrows of empire are coming home to roost.



Afghanistan is being stirred into oil and Paleo Politics. The Gulf Coast is ill served by its politicians and ideologies. In reality, there isn’t a sliver of difference between the Bush and Obama Administrations. The never ending Afghanistan War and ignoring Katrina/BP devastation are realities that will have to be faced head on.

Corporate PsyOps, and the federal government’s inability to stop the rich from embezzling more wealth, along with deficit reduction, will force the USA into a Great Depression, once again, unless we withdraw and spend the monies to fix America and put its unemployed back to work.

Sidney O. Smith III

Like many artists acutely sensitive to the world, Dali knew what was going to happen to the “persistence of memory.” He let us know around 1954.

The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory

different clue

While the subject of this post is/was Afghanistan; it clearly touched a lot of other nerves.

Several posts ago Colonel Lang noted that the special forces assisted counter-insurgency effort in South Vietnam could very well have worked if not for the active intervention of a North Vietnamese Army; which was a big modern army if not a rich one. Not overtly stated, but surely implied, was the committed bitter-end sponsorship of NV and NVA by the "other superpower"...USSR and PRC.

Looking at Afghanistan through the "other end" of that telescope; I see a small but real version of a neighboring force repeatedly invading from protected foreign sanctuaries with foreign sponsorship. The Haqqani network and the Quetta Sura both act in and from Pakistani territory and I suspect the invocation of "undoability" and "beyond reach" to cover studied inaction against the Haqqani network in NORTHern Waziristan are a cover for continued Pakistani government-elements support for that Haqqani network's constant counter-COIN operations into Afghanistan. Pakistan is supporting the AfTaliban in the same way that the USSR-PRC alliance supported NV and the NVA. Unfair to say that "Pakistan" is fighting to re-Talibanize Afghanistan? Okay then...dominant Pakistani military and ISI elements withIN Pakistan, then.

As to Obama being stylistically or substantially social democratic; I agree with Cynthia's view of Obama on that score. I would not agree with her warmonger charge in that I think Obama is trying to wind up the two legacy wars bequeathed to him by the Bush Administration. But domestically he has obstructed every social democratic advance that various people have tried working for. His connivance with Senator Baucus to prevent any public coverage option from even being voluntarily pickable from the contemplated insurance exchanges once the Forced Mandate to buy health insurance kicks in revealed to me and to others that Obama's sole and only motive was to engineer a time-delayed bailout for the private health insurance industry in the mold of the bailouts for various Wall Street financial operators.

My view of "social democracy" is clearly well to the left of the Colonel's view of what "social democracy" is. I consider Roosevelt-Truman's
New Deal-Fair Deal to be the benchmark of the farthest left a mainstream American government and public is willing to go. And Obama is no Roosevelt.

VietnamVet, I do see a large sliver of difference between the Obama and Bush Administrations. But the Obama spokesfolk are trying to misreprestent that rather large sliver as being a chasm; and a growing number of semileftie people like me are moving past disappointment to genuine bitterness at just how small that sliver of difference really is on things that matter to us.

That oil blowout in the Gulf is hardly a "spill". It's a geyser. It's an eruption! Its a "geyseruption"!! We should start speaking of it in those terms.

If the Republicans nominate another pair of hideous gargoyles like the last pair, I will vote for Obama again with no regrets. If the Republicans nominate some corporate and/or military establishmentarians such as Romney and Petraeus; I may well vote for someone I understand to be a "social democrat" as I understand a "social democrat" to be.


I will never again vote for either a Democrat or Republican for President for both candidates are chosen and given orders by the same oligarchs. Why they want to ruin this country, I don't know, but it is a mafia mentality I can no longer support. Clinton went from a 35,000 dollar-a-year job to being worth over 100 million a few years after his national "public service." Obama will probably top that.

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