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19 April 2010


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Maureen Lang

Thanks for the post heads up, Pat, much appreciated.

As I mentioned in an email this morning to Cieran, John Minnerath, & others, I was prompted to put this particular post up on TA because of the striking APOD photo of Eyjafjallajökull's eruption-induced lightning.

More on astronomer and volcano expert Marco Fulle who filmed the image:


Marco Fulle is supreme on photographing this event. Thanks for emailing me his portfolio of pics awa posting one of them at TA.


Awesome photographs. No other word for it. Thanks.

frank durkee

I second Rider.


Thank you for posting these pics. Volcano is wonderously powerful. Will Hekla awaken too?

I've been absolutely fascinated with the power of nature and its ability to change human reality instantly -- earthquakes, volcanos, etc. Puts things in perspective.

Maureen Lang

Re: volcanic eruption-induced lightning-

An amazing slideshow that includes Eyjafjallajökull &, as examiner.com notes, arguably the most famous images of volcano lightning up until present, from the 5/08 eruption of Chaitén in Chile:


Accompanying article on volcano lightning:



Nature's might- awe inspiring, terrifying, beautiful. Thanks for the links, Maureen.

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