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13 April 2010


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He/she could have at least said "my good man."

In the immortal words of Jean Seberg: "Never take anything personally, even if it's meant personally."

Hasta luego.

John Minnerath

I missed that one.
I've always felt "my man" an insulting salutation. Akin to someone saying :hey dude!", yech.
Kick back and forget about the fools who occasionally tread here.
Then come back and continue on. We need someplace to read things that put our gray matter in gear and make it churn a little.

R Whitman

Go to the beach, hold hands with your wife, drink some good wine and let your mind go into neutral.


I missed the offending post so do not know of the tone, content and spirit of the comment(s). I enjoy reading your blog, so I selfishly hope you will reconsider and resume posting your and guests' POVs.


Years ago I answered the phone at home when my youngest daughter was about 15, the caller said, "Hey Dude, is Mary home?". I was flabbergasted. I told him if he really wanted to speak to my daughter, he'd have to say "Mr Dude".

I'm already going through withdrawal.



I would take exception to anyone referring to you as "my man".

Since this is a committee of correspondence, you are not only "our man", but you are "our good man", in the middle east, in the armed forces, and in nearly all things worth discussing.

I'd recommend taking some time off, perhaps to head up to New York to see Alfred Molina portray Mark Rothko in John Logan's play "Red". Or maybe write a few more chapters of your next book.

If and when you find yourself writing here again, rest assured that your readers will enjoy and appreciate every word.


Well col, I've enjoyed reading the blog, so it would be my loss, and others, if you stopped. I can understand the frustration however.

Charles I

Gee, the comments are open, that's a good sign.

I missed the post too tho I looked. Lina's right, and apparently in Psych 101 our spouting is all about us and not about you, oh gracious host.

As I inserted in Dr. Silverman's last post, thanks for your patience and generosity from someone who has learned a lot about a lot of different things form a man who has and continues to do great and honourable things.

You wrote me back the first time I ever posted here and that satisfying soupcon of web familiarity has grown to a sometimes chastened respect and affection. Sometimes expressed in jocular tones that closes whole borders. My man would be a bridge too far for me to venture, but please don't burn it down before the rest of us on account of some no account.

Presuming upon the fact you cared enough to inform and argue with us, I'll just note that you've been an order of magnitude crankier the last 12-18 months of this wonderful conversation. Woof woof.

Cloned Poster

Blog fatigue, take Mr Whitman's advice.

Go to a beach with nubile young women wearing g-strings, and drink a crisp pinot grigio.

Bob Bernard

Never wrestle with a pig. You just get muddy and the pig enjoys it.


With the greatest of respect Col. Lang, I was noticing a rising stress level in some of your comments.

You need a break from the likes of us.


I'd hate to see you discontinuing the blog. Not only do I greatly appreciate your views and insights, but also the usually excellent crowd that your blog draws. I have yet to find a better one (blog & reader community).

Cheers for you, Mr. Lang.


I too, hope you will reconsider. But if not then it was fun while it lasted and thanks for putting up with us for as long as you did.

Best of luck in all endeavors,

frank durkee

Since yours is one the most informative sets of observations I know, if you do close down I willl miss your thoughts very much. As well will I misss some of your commentators. hope you decide to return. Either way: Thanks.


I get to feeling the same way about the automotive consumers of NY state after a while too. If you want to join me in New Orleans for hurricanes this weekend, I'll treat to dinner at Emril's. Maybe that would help.


As one of your willing dependents, I like that you are a man not satisfied with standard deductions. You and the commitee make me think.

Back to taxes.


An historical pertinent topic for discussion when/if you return:

Was Pontius Pilate an effective counter-insurgent?


Col. Lang,

Would like to add my thoughts to those posted here in saying that your comments always provoke thought and challenge teh conventinal wisdom. They will be missed for as long as you take your break. If you're ever in New York, the beers or dinner would be on me.


I have been following your blog since 2006 and it has made me look at our world in ways that would never have been possible for me otherwise.

It is the sincere hope of this faithful reader that you do not leave us.
You have my enduring respect.



Col, I missed that comment as well. I would say no to the beach, it's April in Virgina after all. I suggest a jaunt down to Appomattox, a good meal, a nice scotch and a cigar. I haven't been able to visit in many a year, though I did make Gettysburg in June and Westmoreland County in December. (Not the best of weather for the latter.)

Medicine Man

Have a good break, Col. Lang.

Mike Rush

Col. Lang,

I seem to recall a similar snit a few months ago that appeared to have quickly blown over. I read you daily--yours is one of the first sites I hit. I never liked it when Jack Paar used to do this kind of thing on TV.

Come back, Shane!


I do hope I am not one of the correspondents with whom you are fed up.

Your blog is the first, middle, and last blog I read every day. It is an important place. A quick glance at the list of those who log on shows its world-wide significante.

The issues deal with are hard, but your comments are highly thoughful and informed and you have some very good correspondents.

In all, thank you for hosting this excellent blog.

Also, I look forward to your third book!

Good job Colonel!

SubKommander Dred

Some idiot insults you and you take it out on us? For someone who has been through as much as you have (Army special forces, instructor at West Point, training and experience in matters regarding the national security of the United States, among other things), it would seem to be something you would get over rather quickly. The world is full of disrespectful pricks (try working with a bunch of surgeons on a daily basis) and it seems the odd 'my man' is bound to come up from time to time.
For what it's worth, I think this blog is an island, an oasis in anocean filled with jabbering newswhores, wanking pundits and the worst sort of syncophantic... nabobs... masquerading as thoughtful news analysts. I come to this place to find out things no one I know thinks much, or cares, much about. Given the ignorance of many of our fellow Americans, coming to this blog is a refreshing respite from a cohort that could tell you the latest regarding "American Idol," but couldn't find Iraq, Afghanistan or Iran on a globe of the planet to save their life. If that makes me sound like a snob, that's their tough luck. I like to think of myself as an informed citizen (not a consumer), and part of my worldview is influenced by this forum. Thank you for the good work that you do here.

Pete Deer


I've been following your commentary since you used to post at No Quarter. I've since left that "mad house" and follow you here faithfully, I think I may be a charter member of this site. I would, of course, be terribly disappointed if this was the end of the road.

Thanks for all your work here and I hope the taxes come out OK.

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