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19 March 2010


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Patrick Lang


I really don't care what other people do and I will never appear on any ME media. They ask me all the time. What Cole does is his business. pl

The beaver

Give us more give us more in the name of security so that we can turn around and step over you once again:


Each year, Congress casts a vote that has monumental impact on Israel’s ability to exist and defend herself.

The vote is for the international affairs budget. This year it has been sent to Congress with a request of $3 billion in vital security assistance to Israel.

Without this U.S. aid, Israel would have no way to keep up massive defense spending of oil rich neighbors that are 650 times her size. Without this U.S. aid, the technological and qualitative military edge that protects Israel’s citizens would quickly vanish.


This attempt to rein in AIPAC and show it for what it is -- an agent for a foreign government, will be met with the same as prior attempts, AIPAC will once again slip the noose.

N. M. Salamon


I remebered your previous statement on this issue. You did not change, and was not expected to change.

Actually, my thought was that you would try to balance WP, possibly investigating revival of postglobal [a WP blogspot]- which was cancelled by Ignatius and Zaka,,,[Newsweek] for being to anti-Israel/anti Likud [though nor anti Semite] and for being contrary [mostly] to neocon ideas.

I am also of the opinion that your blog is very good and needs more viewers to spread the REALISTIC MESSEGE OF USA POLICY CHOICES and consequeces Most of your guest are excllently prepared to add to the conversation, their thoughts would also benefit wider circulation.

Aside form the above, I will be content if you do move.

Thank again for an excellent site.

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