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14 March 2010


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The U.S. is following its own interests by maintaining strong ties to Israel.


We the U.S. in pursuit of our national interests support a variety of nasty regimes, dictatorships, religious theocracies,, etc... Why is Israel so special/different that we cannot abide their insults?

The elephant-mahout relationship.

Patrick Lang


Which countries are you thinking of?

All the countries I can think of are: clients of the United States, adversaries of the US or just countries we have some sort of diplomatic and/or trade relationship with.

Israel is not like that. They set out to dominate us through exploitation of the funding process of congressional elections and they have succeeded. We are now clients of Israel. If that is acceptable or desirable for you...

How is it that you think we are maintaining our interests as opposed the Israel's by having strong relations with Israel? What interests are those? pl


"We are now clients of Israel"

That's what I meant by the elephant-mahout metaphor. We are the elephant.


maybe it was an analogy.

Jan Fladeboe

Col Lang,
Good question- just what ARE our intrests that are "maintained" by having strong relations with Israal? The benefit seems to be extremely one-sided. And as noted in the recent briefing of Gen Petraeus to Adm Mullen, it is beginning to be very expensive to the United States. At some point, people are going to have to decide which is more important, the Likud Party's policies or our troops' lives.


Talking points about the economic and technological benefits of the alliance with Israel appear regularly on a number of web forums, often in waves.

Charles I

Dan M, Juan Cole, whose credibility I have no questions about, today has a very interesting discussion of your map,its origins, the blogosphere reaction to it, and most importantly, it import for the future of Israel and the Palestinians.


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