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14 March 2010


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I think the US, to the dismay of Great Britain, declared neutrality in the matter of that country's dispute over the Malvinas/Falkland Islands with Argentina.

The Global Post

"British diplomats were furious when a senior U.S. spokesman, Assistant Secretary of State Philip Crowley, answered a Feb. 25 press question about the Falklands with the phrase: “Or the Malvinas, depending on how you see it.”

Widely reported in Britain this week, the remarks by Crowley increased the resentment already felt over Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s offer last week in Buenos Aires to help broker the talks on island sovereignty demanded by the Argentines.

Britain sees no need for talks. Calling the Clinton offer a “diplomatic coup” for Argentina, the venerable London Times restated the British position that there should be “no negotiations unless the islands’ 3,000 inhabitants asked for them.”

--- So the US can and does act on is interests, and not friendship.

The problem is that with respect to Israel the US interest is defined (by US policy makers) as friendship and unconditional support of Israel.

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