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29 March 2010


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I fear all 'normal' contracting procedures ended with the Bush/Cheney regime. The corruption Cheney engaged in appears to be the new 'normal'. Military procurement has ALWAYS been ripe for chicanery but now seems unstoppable and unsustainable.


you should also ask who is trucking all our stuff from Karachi to Peshwar. Hint: it isn't the good guys.

The Twisted Genius

Wardak the younger seems to be following in his father's footsteps. Wardak the senior has a long history of involvement with USG and DOD extending well before 9/11. He is entrepreneurial or what others may call overly aggressive, manipulative and deceptive. In either case, he is successful at what he does. My guess is that he is very proud of his son's entrepreneurial success. If the Wardaks were not "on our side," their entrepreneurialship would no doubt have caused them to become highly dangerous HVTs. I wouldn’t trust them with anything of value to me, but I think the Wardaks and others like them will shape the future of Afghanistan.

As far as paying warlords and Taliban protection money for not stealing and/or burning all the supplies needed by our forces in Afghanistan, well, do you want the stuff to get through or not? If we want to play "The Great Game," then we have to play by the existing rules... or invest the blood and treasure necessary to try to change the rules.


Perhaps it would make more sense if young Wardak were to change his name to "Milo Minderbinder."

Fred Strack

"play by the existing rules... or invest the blood and treasure necessary to try to change the rules."

Perhaps those inside the beltway should realize it is past time to spend less of our blood and treasure and more of thiers - it's thier country, let them fight for it.


Following the money should be feasible. "The Carpet Wars", a book on the Persian carpet industry, has a few paragraphs detailing the sophistication of financial services in the region. You can pay by cheque, American express, Visa, direct debit, etc. in the middle of nowhere thanks to satellite telephone.

I would expect that the NSA would overhear Mr. Wardaks instructions to his bankers in Europe, Dubhai, etc. and perhaps a distillation of this information is driving Preisdent Obama.

Cloned Poster

twenty dolla me luv you long time, was what GI's got in Vietnam, twenty billion dolla me help your war and no sex for GI's is today's war


Ah, the US government is funding both sides of the war. Talk about a self-licking ice cream cone!


This all goes back to the Clinton Administration, if not before. Remember “Reinventing Government”? Eliminate burdensome rules and regulations.

A whole infrastructure of crony capitalists has been built on corruption and a never ending war to kept the money flowing. To fight the war to win; “pay 10 times that much for security provided by the U.S. military” and draft enough young American boys and girls to secure every village in Afghanistan; would instantly destroy their cash flow edifice. So, a colonial war of occupation by undermanned foreign infields continues unabated until the Empire finally falls into its sea of debt..


Lets not forget Cheney's involvement as Secretary of Defense and subsequent move to AEI and then Halliburton as CEO. That's only the '90s. Corporate corruption in military procurement is as old as the Republic.

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